26-30 Colorado Facts

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26. In Colorado, in 1945 a chicken called Mike lived for 2 years without a head and became a popular sideshow attraction. – Source

27. By the 1890s, it was estimated that 1/3 residents of Colorado were there for respiratory reasons. – Source

28. Archaeologists have found a site at Sacred Ridge, Colorado, where a Pueblo village was massacred 1200 years ago. The 35 victims were apparently tortured and sliced into thousands of small pieces, and there’s significant debate as to exactly why this was done. – Source

29. Once a year, Nederland, Colorado, celebrates “Frozen Dead Guy Days”, which commemorates a substandard attempt to practice cryonics on Bredo Morstoel, kept for decades in his family’s shed. – Source

30. A group of nuns broke into a nuclear storage space in Colorado and painted crosses in their own blood while there. – Source

31-35 Colorado Facts

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31. The Ute Indians in Colorado used triboluminescent rattles during ceremonies that would produce flashes when shaken in the dark. – Source

32. Over 1,000 earthquakes occurred in Colorado in the 1960’s shortly after a wastewater injection well was installed at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. – Source

33. The only open-air funeral pyre is the Western world is in Crestone, Colorado. – Source

34. In 1994, for 3 months there was a pirate radio station in Colorado that only played Abba’s Music. They shut down after listeners begged them to stop. – Source

35. Rifle, Colorado has a restaurant named Shooters where the entire wait staff openly carries firearms. – Source

36-40 Colorado Facts

36. Due to a scandal in 1973, nobody from Boulder, Colorado is allowed to compete in the Soap Box Derby. – Source

37. Colorado state university offers veterans free tuition. – Source

38. Boulder, Colorado is home to an event called the Naked Pumpkin Run in which participants run wearing nothing but shoes and a carved out pumpkin on their heads. – Source

39. Rainwater harvesting is illegal in Colorado. – Source

40. In 1858, the most powerful solar storm ever recorded caused worldwide aurorae and awoke gold miners in Colorado who began making breakfast at 1 am because they thought it was morning. – Source

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