26-30 Comic Book Facts

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26. Gary Larson coined the term “Thagomizer” in one of his comics to describe the spikes on stegosaurus’s tail, after the fate of a poor caveman named Thag. It is now a recognized scientific term in paleontology, in tribute to Larson. – Source

27. Bill Watterson, the author of “Calvin and Hobbes”, believed that adapting the comic to any other medium would compromise its integrity. He believed this so strongly that he turned down personal calls from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas offering to make animated movies. – Source

28. A Chemistry Ph.D. student turned her thesis into a comic so that her friends and family could understand it better. – Source

29. In Marvel Comics, Doctor Doom’s armor contains splinters of the True Cross in order to protect himself from vampires. – Source

30. There is an anti-circumcision movement and one of the intactivists has created a comic book (Foreskin Man) to raise awareness. It currently has 7 issues. – Source

31-33 Comic Book Facts

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31. There’s a Justice League comic in which a superhero assassinates a Saddam Hussein analog in order to end the atrocities of his regime. His actions actually end up destabilizing the country, making the quality of life for citizens much worse than it was before. The comic came out in 1999. – Source

32. In the Marvel comics, Santa Claus is actually the world’s most powerful mutant ever registered by the X-Men. – Source

33. Allie Brosh’s (of Hyperbole and a Half) comic on depression is considered one of the best contemporary portraits of the condition by psychologists. – Source


Last Update: December 11, 2017