J. Tithonus Pednaud was born MAY 28 1976 in Sudbury, Ontario and he currently resides in Toronto.

An eclectic and somewhat eccentric human being, his interest in the unusual began in childhood and eventually narrowed to teratological history through a chance encounter.

Tithonus is a graduate of Laurentian University, where he majored in classical studies and theology. He is also a multiple graduate of Cambrian College and attended Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. He has worked as a funeral director, teacher, voice actor, carnival worker, copywriter and business development officer.

This site is dedicated to highlighting the remarkable lives of those born exceedingly different. Human marvels who overcame seemingly horrific, socially crippling deformities and adverse situations to stand as uplifting testaments to human spirit and serve as inspiring examples of human tenacity.

The work of J. Tithonus Pednaud has been featured in various media including CBC Radio, Rue Morgue Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, G4TV and many others. He also occasionally lectures on human genetic variety and monstrous origins.

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