Romantic proposals are some of those things that are not necessarily mandatory or a federal obligation, but most couples are expected to do. Usually, it is a pivotal step in a union that is bound to create a lifetime memory. As such, there is always an unexplainable pressure for people to make the most amazing romantic proposals and try to outdo each other. While many have achieved this, others have been outright bizarre. Today, we highlight some of the craziest proposal stories we have heard.

1. Proposing without Pants On

A Redditor, Parker2010, narrates how he came home one day with an engagement ring for his girlfriend. The girl walked in as he was trying to figure out where to put it. Embracing his mother’s wise words, “Sometimes it’s more memorable to make an average moment special,” Parker got on his knee and proposed. She said yes, and it was at that moment that Parker realized he was not wearing pants.

2. Proposing in Code

In 2012, a guy proposed to his girlfriend in binary code. He dressed up as Bender from Futurama and started reading zeros and ones. It took the girlfriend thirty minutes to decode the proposal, which read, “Rachel, you’re awesome. Will you marry me?”

3. Popping the Question After a Planned Assault on Geese

While visiting a lake with her boyfriend, Grace noticed her husband was nervous and shivering. Soon, he asked her if picking up a stick and throwing it at a group of geese swimming nearby was okay. Grace shouted NO, which scared the geese.

Her boyfriend immediately asked her if she could marry him in a stutter. One would think that the girlfriend had a limited number of “NOs” to say in a day, hence the gimmick. The boyfriend later confessed that he was nervous, and that was the only thing that came to mind.

4. Ring on the Toilet Seat

Another Redditor, Cgatlanta, narrates how a boy and girl returned to the girl’s place after a date. The boyfriend entered the bathroom first, and the girl followed afterwards. Immediately, the boy asked the girl to check what he had left her in the toilet. The girl declined, claiming that the statement was gross. While inquiring about the matter, the boy said he had taped the engagement ring to the bottom of the toilet seat cover.

5. Faking Own Death

A guy by the name of Alexey Bykov faked his death to see if his girlfriend, Irena, really wanted to be with him. He even had a camera crew and everything. So, after faking his death and while the girl was crying, Alexey rose, “undertaker style”, and proposed to his girlfriend. Surprisingly, she said yes.

6. Being Arrested

In 2017, there was a video clip that went viral of a guy being arrested. As the lady defended her man, the guy pulled out an engagement ring and proposed. She was so shocked by this play that she started crying. Ever since, many have tried a similar gimmick when proposing.

7. A Proposal Drawn on Sand

Those familiar with Barra Airport can testify that the runway at the beach is fascinating. So when a certain guy named Jamie was in a dilemma of how best to propose to his girlfriend, Anna, he made a marriage proposal on the beach for Anna to see. Call it luck, but Anna saw the words “Anna, Will You Marry Me?” from her plane window. Upon landing, she immediately said yes.

8. A Plane Crash Proposal

Still, on airplanes, a pilot named Anthony Bordignon faked a plane crash before proposing to his girlfriend, Katherine Wareham. He invited her for an aeroplane ride, and he switched off the engine mid-flight, pretending it had failed. As Katherine was fighting in shock and disbelief, Anthony popped the question. Even though she said yes, Anthony was heavily insulted by the outrageous proposal.

9. A Thousand and One Hotdogs

In 2014, a man used 1001 hotdogs to spell the word LOVE during his proposal. The two had known each other for a thousand and one days, and they met at a hotdog shop.

10. A Proposal for 365 Days

Wedding proposals often take seconds or minutes. However, there is one person who executed a marriage proposal for 365 days. Every day, he would film himself holding a white placard that read, “Will you marry me?” He did this from different angles and places. On the day of the proposal, he showed his girl these videos before getting on one knee and popping the question.

11. Proposal on a Chili Heart-Shaped Carpet

A Chinese man proposed to his girlfriend on a chilli-shaped heart with a green chilli arrow. He used thousands of chillies to create the red heart-shaped carpet and green chillies for the arrow. The man also had his colleagues hold pictures of the girl on the side.

12. Falling into the Lake Mid-Proposal

Marcus Rein had planned the perfect proposal at a local lake in Michigan. To create the ideal mood, he surprised his girlfriend, Jessie Janis, with a sunset dinner by the dock and a guitar player in the background.

As he got on one knee to propose, the wood on the pier had rotten away and couldn’t withstand his weight. Marcus fell into the lake mid-proposal, and the event turned into a rescue mission. Fortunately, she said yes.

13. Engagement Ring in a Flashlight

A Reddit user named John narrated how his sister was asked by her boyfriend to change batteries in a flashlight. His sister was a nurse who was just from a double shift and was super tired. At first, she declined, but the boyfriend kept bugging her to change the batteries.

When she finally agreed, she found an engagement ring inside the flashlight. The flashlight had no sentimental value to the Redditor’s sister. It was just a regular flashlight, so the boyfriend was left with an egg on his face.


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