Humans are often caught up in things that “help us survive” so much that we rarely have time to consume new knowledge. Not that they are essential, but if you are looking for a break from a long day or you want an “I didn’t know that” moment, reading our crazy facts can help.

This listicle gives you a little bit of everything from science to gaming and animal information. Feel free to dispute or loudly amaze at some crazy facts that will catch you off-guard.

1. You Can’t Hold Your Nose and Hum

For people, humming comes naturally. However, did you know it’s impossible to hum with your mouth and nose blocked? Alright, maybe you can hum for a brief second or two, but after that, you will have to open your mouth or release your nose to breathe.

The science here is simple: humming requires breathing out. So, when you pinch your nose and shut your mouth, it becomes impossible for air to escape. This makes it impossible to hum.

2. The Song “Despascito” Has More Views than The World’s Population

At the time of writing, the song “Despascito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee has over 8.2 billion views on YouTube. These are crazy figures, given that the world’s population only recently surpassed the 8 billion mark.

To think a significant chunk of people hasn’t made or received a phone call in their lives yet is mind-blowing. Don’t sweat it, though. The views only mean people have watched the video multiple times from different devices.

Ooh, and by the way, “Despascito” isn’t the most-viewed video on YouTube, “Baby Shark” is. Clocking over 13 billion views, the tune meant for kids almost doubles the total human population.

3. Nintendo Has Been Around Since 1889

Do you know the popular gaming company, Nintendo? It is famous for developing hardware and software for home gaming consoles, especially handheld ones. With this description, you would imagine that the company recently started; programming wasn’t a thing until the other day.

The shock is on you! Nintendo has been around since 1889, only that it started out as a handmade hanafuda playing cards producer. It acquired the license for third-party card graphics in the mid-1900s; the rest is history.

4. An 11-year Old Discovered Ice Pops

Yes, you read that right! The ice pops we now enjoy were discovered by an 11-year-old (accidentally, of course). Frank Epperson mixed sugary soda powder with water and let it sit overnight.

We suspect it was a cold winter night because the mixture had frozen when morning came. That’s how we now have the famous summertime treat. Crazy, right?

5. Adolf Hitler Was Once Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

We all know the kind of leader Adolf Hitler was. His leadership wasn’t the type to receive a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination. He already knew this, so he spent a better part thrashing it. At some point, Hitler even made it illegal for anyone in his country to receive such a nomination.

However, E.G.C. Brandt, a member of the Swedish parliament, nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939. Of course, there was not a shred of chance that Mr. Adolf would win. Instead, it was perfect satire given the world’s condition. As expected, not many got the “joke.”

6. The Queen Owns All the Dolphins… And Whales

The Queen is a national symbol for those she governs. It goes without saying that she owns many things, and it’s not a surprise if anyone “mistakenly trespass.” One of the many things under her custody was all the dolphins and whales in British waters.

Apparently, she did not claim the resources. They automatically became her possession when she took the throne. A statute from 1324, which remains valid to date, stipulated that the creatures were “fishes royal.” The whales in Wales are hers.

7. When President William McKinley Gave Away His Good-Luck Charm, He Was Shot  

Do you believe in luck? Unsure? After reading this, I will leave it to you to fully decide. There have been many political assassinations globally, but very few have a twist like President McKinley’s. Usually, he carried with him carnations, which he believed were his good luck charm.

At one point, he “lowered his guard” and gave the carnations from his lapel to a little girl he had greeted. Moments later, he was assassinated by Leon Czolgosz. Did the flower has anything to do with his death, or was it a case of what could have been become? 

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Last Update: July 14, 2023