38 Facts About Denmark

May 1, 2017
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  1. Paco says:

    #38 Extermination is not the same thing as “extinction”

  2. jonas says:

    In addition to the 180% tax on cars, there will be an additional 25% tax which is the “normal” tax on goods in Denmark. The best selling car in Denmark is a VW UP, in Sweden it’s a Volvo :-/

  3. Jim says:

    Re #38… You’d especially think that in a country that had been occupied by the Nazis, the people would be sensitive to engineering the perfect race….yet they’re aborting 98% of Down Syndrome babies. How sad!

    1. Dane says:

      Not at All… When you Are pregnant, you’ll get a scanning, which shows if the fetus has downs. You can now get an abortion or a baby with downs… What would you choose?

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