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38 Facts About Denmark

21-25 Denmark Facts

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21. Two-thirds of Denmark’s income used to come from charging people to enter or leave the Baltic sea, those that refused to pay were sunk. – Source

22. The Queen of Denmark made illustrations for J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings under a pseudonym. – Source

23. During WWII, King Christian X of Denmark was one of the only rulers of an occupied country who refused to go into exile for his own safety. He took daily rides through Copenhagen unattended to show he was not afraid. – Source

24. Whenever German victories were announced on the radio in occupied Denmark, the Danish Resistance would cut into the broadcast and play “It Ain’t Necessarily So” from Porgy and Bess. – Source

25. According to legend, Cnut, the 11th Century Viking King of Denmark, England, and Norway, once commanded the tide to halt. His intent was to prove a point to members of his privy council that no man is all-powerful, and we all must bend to forces beyond our control, such as the tides. – Source

26-30 Denmark Facts

26. Denmark refused to sell Greenland to the United States in 1946. – Source

27. Camp Century was a top-secret US military base built under the ice sheets of Greenland in 1960 to house missiles. Built under the cover of climate research, it housed 200 people and was powered by the world’s first portable nuclear reactor. Denmark didn’t uncover the base’s existence until 1995. – Source

28. The Throne of Denmark is made of narwhal tusks, which were claimed to be unicorn horns, and is flanked by three life-sized silver lions, inspired by the legend of King Solomon’s throne, said to be surrounded by 12 gold lions. – Source

29. Denmark was the first country to legalize hardcore pornography. – Source

30. In Denmark, some teachers use Swedish names for numbers when introducing children to mathematics, because of the irregular structure of the Danish number system. For example, the Danish “71” is structured as “1 plus 3½ times 20”. – Source

31-35 Denmark Facts

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31. After building the artificial island of Peberholm for the Øresund bridge-tunnel, Denmark decided to plant nothing whatsoever, leaving nature to colonize at its own rate, today it hosts 450+ plant species, 8-12 bird species, and rare spiders. – Source

32. There’s a channel for children without commercials in Denmark. And when it’s time to go to sleep, the children’s characters go to sleep too. – Source

33. Man in Denmark built a 40 ton 60ft long submarine in his spare time. – Source

34. Parents in Denmark must have their baby’s name approved by a government agency. – Source

35. In Denmark, there is a mobile sand dune that has been left unmanaged to allow future generations to understand the problems it presents. – Source

36-38 Denmark Facts

36. In Denmark, you get paid to go to school. – Source

37. In Denmark, if you reach your 25th birthday and are still single, it’s a tradition for your friends to cover you in cinnamon. – Source

38. Down Syndrome is heading for extinction in Denmark. – Source


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  • In addition to the 180% tax on cars, there will be an additional 25% tax which is the “normal” tax on goods in Denmark. The best selling car in Denmark is a VW UP, in Sweden it’s a Volvo :-/

  • Re #38… You’d especially think that in a country that had been occupied by the Nazis, the people would be sensitive to engineering the perfect race….yet they’re aborting 98% of Down Syndrome babies. How sad!

    • Not at All… When you Are pregnant, you’ll get a scanning, which shows if the fetus has downs. You can now get an abortion or a baby with downs… What would you choose?


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