Here are 13 Interesting Deodorant facts.

1-5 Deodorant Facts

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1. “Teen Spirit” was a real deodorant, one of Kurt Cobain’s friends spray-painted “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit” on his wall because Kurt’s then-girlfriend wore Teen Spirit, which led to the title of the 1991 Nirvana hit song. – Source

2. Armpit odor is completely dependent on a single gene (ABCC11) and that many East Asians (and almost all Koreans) do not need to wear deodorant because of this gene. – Source

3. The first deodorant for men was launched in 1935 (decades after the introduction of deodorants for women) because, at the beginning of the 20th century, body odor was not considered a problem for men; it was a part of being masculine. – Source

4. In 1998, a 16-year-old British boy obsessed with smelling nice died from using too much deodorant. – Source

5. The yellow “sweat” stains commonly found on shirts in the armpit region are actually caused by a reaction with deodorants rather than sweat. – Source

6-10 Deodorant Facts

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6. Deodorants are considered “cosmetic” by the FDA. But, antiperspirants are classified as “drugs” by the FDA. – Source

7. Baking soda makes a good deodorant and antiperspirant. – Source

8. Deodorant works best when applied before bed, not after a morning shower. – Source

9. You can’t wear deodorant or powder when having a Mammogram because many deodorants and body powders contain Aluminum, and it looks very similar to calcifications in the breast. – Source

10. The first computer mouse was inspired by a roll-on deodorant dispenser. – Source

11-13 Deodorant Facts

11. Three-fourths of people who genetically produce no underarm odor still use deodorant even though it costs them money and in some cases damages their skin. – Source

12. Joan Rivers used vodka as a deodorant. – Source

13. Ziryab, a Muslim scholar, invented deodorant back in the 9th century. He also had a lasting influence on fashion. – Source

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