40 Interesting Facts About Doctors

July 1, 2020
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  1. Jim says:

    Number 14 tends to be ignored by those supportive of the abortion industry.

    1. Nathan says:

      I assume from your username that you are a male, so Jim, shut the f**k up about women’s rights. What if you were raped by your stepfather when you were 14 years old and then forced to have his child. Is that ok? Or were an unfortunate 1% when birth control doesn’t work and had no intention of having a child. Whelp, tough sh*t, here’s a human you have to take care of. Abortions will happen whether they are legal or not.

      1. THAT guy says:

        Well, that escalated quickly….

        But before we let Jim hijack these facts to serve his political views, I’d like to state fact #14 is about babies. That implies a person which is born already.

        Jim is confused and apparently read “fetus”, the state BEFORE born. Now, wheter those feel pain is under debate. I mean… I am no doctor, but I am sure there is a period between conception and actually having grown nerves (the biological medium of pain, necessary to feel anything).

        An abortion in that period can’t give pain, as there is nothing to sense it with.

        After that period is where the debate starts. And that debate doesn’t really suit this site.


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