Even though everyone uses them almost daily globally, it’s easy to forget how essential and interesting doors are. From a psychological point of view, doors symbolize transition and metamorphosis. In the other world, they maintain order, security, and aesthetics. Regardless of your thoughts, here are some random, banging door facts to make your day.

1. The Earliest Doors Were Used in Egyptian Tombs

While it’s unclear how doors came to be, their earliest forms are found in the paintings of Egyptian tombs. The depictions show single and double doors used to cover the openings of the historical sites; they consisted of a single piece of wood. Many believed they were doors to the afterlife.

2. C.G. Johnson Was Instrumental in the Evolution of Doors

In 1921, C.G. Johnson, an entrepreneur and a visionary, invented and patented the first overhead garage door, which is popular in the United States today. Even though this invention made driving a car into their garages easier, Johnson noticed some people still struggled to open them. He invented the first electric garage door in 1926 to address the problem.

3. Some People Believe Dreams Involving Doors Have Meanings

To most, dreams are just that, dreams! On the contrary, some individuals, regardless of religion, literature, or mythology, believe dreams have meanings, especially those involving doors. For instance, they are adamant an open door signifies entering a new stage in life with greater opportunities.

On the other hand, a locked door suggests forces are blocking an individual’s progress or a part of their life has ended. A red door signifies that the dreamer is keeping feelings of anger within themselves, and a revolving door suggests moving in circles, not making any progress.

4. Romans Had a God of Doors

Janus represented the god of doors in ancient Roman Mythology. The Supreme Being was in charge of gates, doors, and other transitions. Janus was the middle ground between abstract and concrete dualities, including rural & urban, civilization & barbarism, and Life & death. By the way, the month of January is named after this god.

5. Doors That Are Confusing or Difficult to Use Are Called Norman Doors

Named after Donald Arthur Norman, an American author and professor, Norman Doors refers to ones that are confusing or difficult to use. They do not have “pull or push” indicators, and how to turn their handles is unclear. The author wrote about how doors should be easy to operate.

6. There Are False Doors

Usually, doors are supposed to lead somewhere, but that is not often the case; false doors lead nowhere. For instance, the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, is known to have many fake doors believed to be put in place to confuse unwanted spirits. The Egyptian tombs also had false doors that acted as a threshold between the worlds of the living and the dead; only deities or spirits could enter or exit through them.

7. Bright Colors Were Once Used As a Symbol of Rebellion By the Irish People

Ireland was among the many countries colonized by the English, and they didn’t like it; they branded Queen Victoria the “famine queen.” When she died, the Irish were told to color their doors black as a sign of sympathy and mourning. Instead, they rebelled by painting them with the brightest colors possible.

8. Fridge Door Seals Are Magnetic to Prevent Suffocation

Before 1956, fridge door seals were not magnetic as they are now. With that, there were rising cases of children climbing into the appliances, locking themselves in, and then realizing they were trapped. Because the doors wouldn’t open from the inside, and the door seals prevented screams from getting out, the victims would often suffocate.

9. The Largest Doors Are at NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building

Popularly known as VAB, NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building holds the record of having the largest doors; they were designed to allow fully assembled Apollo rockets and Saturn to pass through them. Standing about 456 feet high (about 139 meters), the four doors are so huge that it takes about 45 minutes to completely open or close one. They are taller than the Statue of Liberty.

10. There Is a New Year’s Eve Tradition that Involves Opening Doors

In some parts of the world, there is a tradition of opening doors and windows during the night of New Year’s Eve. Participants believe that doing this attracts blessings, a sign that an individual is ready for a fresh and promising new year. This tradition is prevalent mainly in Ireland.

11. Garage Doors Can Be Deadly

In an average home, and some commercial buildings too, garage doors are the biggest moving force. As such, they can exert enough force to cause a tragedy. Users are advised to keep children and small pets from crawling under them.

12. The World’s Oldest Door Is More Than 5,000 Years Old

Excavated by archaeologists in 2010, the Neolithic wooden door found in Switzerland is believed to be the world’s oldest; it’s over 5,000 years old. The professionals stumbled upon the souvenir while excavating in a car park in Zurich. After examining the door’s wood tree rings, they found it was likely from 3,063 BC.

13. It Is Standard Procedure for Exterior Doors to Swing Outwards in South Florida

Following the catastrophic events of Hurricane Andrew, the authorities in South Florida enacted a building code that required all buildings’ exterior doors open swinging outside. Experts say they offer better protection against hurricanes.

14. There Are Some Famous Doors

Even though it’s hard to find a house without a door, some are “more of doors than others.” For example, the Number 10 Downing Street, UK’s Prime Minister’s door, has a beautifully polished black door that almost anyone interested in the region’s matters can recognize.

It has survived an IRA bombing and world wars, making it a subject of news broadcasts and world events statements; it probably is the world’s most televised door. Other popular ones include the Rebellious Doors in Ireland, St Petser’s Basilica Door, and the Peacock Doors.

15. Revolving Doors Have Special Functions

Primarily found in high-rise buildings, revolving doors were designed to help release the immense pressure from the structures’ air that rushes through them. These doors are also energy efficient; they present themselves as airlock preventing drafts, eventually reducing the building’s cooling or heating rate.

16. Car Doors Are Not Locked in Churchill, Canada, to Help Residences Escape from Polar Bears

Churchill, Canada, is widely regarded as the “polar bear capital of the world.” As such, the area residents are prone to attack by these carnivores. As a precautionary measure, people in the region do not lock the doors to their cars/vehicles. This helps anyone chased by a polar bear to quickly escape.

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Last Update: November 21, 2023