21-25 Eclipse Facts

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21. Albert Einstein’s general relativity theory was proven in a small Brazilian city, called Sobral, by a team of British scientists after the first astronomical observation of a solar eclipse on May 29, 1919. – Source

22. Lunar eclipses and solar eclipses always come in pairs, with the lunar happening at the full moon and the solar two weeks later at the new moon. – Source

23. A Slave took a Solar Eclipse as a sign from God and began a rebellion, killing hundreds. – Source

24. Curiosity Rover captured a solar eclipse from the surface of Mars in 2013. – Source

25. Baily’s Beads can only be seen for a few seconds before and after a total solar eclipse. – Source

26-28 Eclipse Facts

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26. The alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth which causes an eclipse is called syzygy. – Source

27. In 1983, the government of Indonesia prohibited any outdoor activities during a total solar eclipse. Locals are required to seal off all windows, ventilation shafts and glass tiles to prevent sunlight from entering their houses. – Source

28. Solar eclipses not only alter the temperature on the Earth but also can impact wind and weather patterns. – Source



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