8 Surprising Etymologies of Words

August 3, 2023
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  1. Panagiotis says:

    No 4 and No 5 are wrong!!!

    Salary comes from salt but salt comes from the Greek αλς/als which means both sea and salt. Many words that are considered Latin actually come from Greek (decade for example from the Greek δεκα/deka which means ten). The whole ”Latin” alphabet actually is Greek!

    As for oxymoron, oxy does mean sharp/pointed but moron does not mean dull !!! Moron comes from the Greek μωρος/μωρο/moros/moro which means baby, which in this case means stupid/not smart because let’s face it babies are not really smart! Oxymoron in reality means contradictory.

    Get your facts straight and check your sources before you print stuff like that!

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