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  1. Chris Hayes says:

    The fact under “your weight” has the math wrong. (100 * 27 =2700 not 2707.) I checked it with a calculator, so I must me right. No big deal.

  2. Edgar Allan Poobah says:

    A trillion is 10^12 – the number next to the houses is a billion….

  3. Jon V says:

    Why didn’t he or she use KM to show distance of Solar Flares but use it show the distance from Earth. Approx. 160 million km is the distance of Solar Flares.

  4. Kibu says:

    Hydrogen bombs work by Fission, not Fusion.

    1. Jack says:

      The first atomic bombs were fission bombs. Later bombs had hydrogen added. A fission bomb would detonate next to the hydrogen heating it to the point where the atoms would fuse releasing even more energy. A hydrogen bombs definitely employs fusion

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