Each generation has its idols, which are not always understood by the previous generation. Today’s young people born after 1999 are considered Generation Z, with specific characteristics. Generation Z is very different from millennials and preaches completely different values. Of course, this leaves an imprint on who they see as role models. The main message of the new generation is: be yourself and live your life. But why do teenagers find idols in celebrities? There are some reasons for this. Celebrities appreciate some ideas, so teens take a lesson from their life. And by following them, they know what course they should choose in life. Here are views of modern stars:

Taking care of the environment and ecology is fashionable

Generation Z young people are eager to do something essential for themselves and humanity. They are concerned about environmental issues. They seek to make valuable scientific discoveries. They are often involved in volunteering and social entrepreneurship. Among the idols of today’s youth are many who help take care of the environment.

For example, the beauty queen of Indonesia 2017, Achintya Nielsen, was actively involved in a project to create environmentally friendly school buses in her country. Achintya has become an authentic influencer among young people and promotes the ideas of environmental awareness. Saving nature is an essential theme for every teen student. It’s studied in each school, college, and university. And if you want to know more about stars, there are many idol essays to explore, and such essay samples can help with essay, coursework, or academic work. Also, when you research essays, you improve your writing skills.

Looking better than you are is no longer cool

Generation Z replaced the era of gloss and glamor by valuing ​​the pursuit of naturalness and simplicity. In clothing, the representatives of this generation prefer unpretentious style rather than ostentatious luxury and wealth. For example, supermodel Kendall Jenner likes ordinary things in everyday life. She does not try to look better and posts her photos on Instagram without makeup and retouching. Another example is singer Billy Ailish. She wears oversized clothes of crazy colors and, with all her appearance, literally shouts: “I do not care what others think of me.”

It is normal to honestly admit your weaknesses and sometimes even be ashamed in public

The request for honesty and openness continued the previous trend. Modern youth like it when celebrities behave the same way as ordinary people. Game of Thrones hero Sophie Turner is a prime example. Yes, she likes to dress stylishly, but Sophie is no different from her fans in everyday life. Another example of sincerity is the rising star of Hollywood, 23-year-old actress Zendaya. She became an idol not only because she manages versatile and cool roles but also because it is difficult to suspect a girl of falsehood and pathos. Zendaya honestly says that she runs her social networks and chooses clothes and makeup for important events. In addition, she does not pretend to be the best version of herself and admits that she likes fast food, and can spend the evening reading a book from the library or scrolling on social medias. Of course, such openness is captivating because everyone can say something similar about themselves.

Irony over glamor and a strange appearance is a key to success

Teenagers are no longer interested in the world of Photoshop, so they love those stars who laugh at glamor. Not surprisingly, the focus is on those who no longer take fashion too seriously. For example, one of the idols of teenagers, actor Ezra Miller regularly shocks the press and fans with his extravagant costumes. Ezra paints lips and wears heels and leopard fur coats, but he is almost called an icon of style. The whole point is that in all these images, he looks pretty organic. The era of strained smiles and unnatural poses is over. Teenagers value non-standard appearance, not beauty, for a copier.

Gender equality and the absence of stereotypes govern

Today’s young people do not like to frame themselves, so they look much more broadly at the issue of gender. They don’t have to know whether you are a woman or a man – the main thing is what kind of person you are. All these conventions, such as the fact that only girls can wear skirts and use cosmetics, do not exist for Generation Z. For example, 20-year-old James Charles, a beauty blogger with millions of subscribers, talks on YouTube about how to apply makeup and reviews cosmetics. Another example is singer Eliot Sumner. The girl does not seek to emphasize her femininity, highlighting creativity, not gender.

Excellent if you achieved everything yourself

Generation Z wants to find a job as early as possible, so they value traits such as independence. It is important to them that the person has succeeded independently, not with the help of wealthy parents or production centers. Accordingly, among the idols of young people can often be found boys and girls from ordinary families and people with a brutal fate. For example, singer and actress Selena Gomez grew up in an average family, and her mother gave birth to the future star at 16 years old. So Selena herself went to success – and, incidentally, achieved it in adolescence. Another example is rapper Lil Pump, who gained popularity at 17. Behind him were a complicated childhood story, a passion for drugs, and other unpleasant things. However, today he is the idol of millions of young people worldwide.


It is human nature to look for an example to follow. We have an inner need to admire what we consider close to the ideal and to condemn what is unacceptable to us. There is an active form of one’s image and personal priorities in adolescence. Young people want to find their place in life by positioning themselves with one or another famous person. The worst thing for teenagers is to be like everyone else, so there is nothing more essential for them than uniqueness. Teens value individuality much. It is what they are looking for in the stars. Therefore, modern idols are not just a good picture. These are ordinary people who are not afraid to be themselves. That is why they are admired not only by teenagers but also by the whole world.

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Last Update: May 14, 2022