Seth MacFarlane did an incredible job when he created Family Guy. The animated sitcom, first aired in 1999, has had 22 seasons and over 400 episodes. It has been canceled and revived twice, further highlighting its huge reception among its fans. Family Guy is an entertaining (often controversial) TV show with unique characters ranging from Peter Griffin to his family and Brian the talking dog. If you’re a huge fan of Family Guy or perhaps acquainted with it, here are some facts about the show that you might find fascinating.

1. Three Actors Have Voiced Meg Since the Show Started

In the original pilot of Family Guy, Meg was voiced by Rachael MacFarlane. However, from 1999 to 2000, Meg was voiced by Lacey Chabert before Mila Kunis took over. Of the three, Mila Kunis is the most popular since she has voiced the Meg character for the longest period. According to Seth MacFarlane (the show’s creator), Chabert hadn’t planned to be involved in the show’s whole run.

2. Peter Griffin Character was Based on a Real Person Called Paul Timmins

Seth MacFarlane has occasionally mentioned that Peter Griffin was based on a real character. During Seth’s learning days at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), he knew a guard called Paul Timmins, who had a thick Rhode Island accent and would never filter his words. ABC took the initiative of tracking down Paul and dressed him exactly like Peter Griffin. According to sources, Paul was proud of the character, which made him famous on the campus after Family Guy aired in 1999.

3. Meg’s Full Name is Actually “Megatron”

Meg, Peter’s oldest child, was initially called Megan, and she uses this name throughout the show. However, in a flashback on the show, Peter changes her first name to Megatron. So, her real name is Megatron Griffin.

4. Brian’s Voice is Seth MacFarlane’s Normal Speaking Voice

If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice that Brian’s voice is Seth’s normal speaking voice. That differs significantly from Seth’s voices when playing characters such as Stewie, Peter, and Glenn Quagmire. And by the way, besides the voices, Brian and Seth share many values and beliefs, including being atheists.

5. Lois was Once Blonde

Lois Griffin is famous for her red or ginger hair. However, most Family Guy enthusiasts do not know that she was once blonde. In the pilot episode, Lois is depicted as a blonde, explaining why Chris has the same hair pigment.

6. Quagmire Lost His Virginity When He was 6 Years Old

In a Family Guy episode called “The Stewaway,” Quagmire narrates how he lost his virginity to a female pedophile plumber when he was six years old. Seth used this as a backstory for Quagmire’s strange fetishes. PS: according to his driver’s license in FOX-y Lady, Quagmire is 61.

7. Family Guy Has 3 Different Versions

Nearly every episode of Family Guy has three different versions. The first version is the one aired by Fox. It has been strongly edited, and a bleep filter has been added to censor strong language. The second version, which features the TBS airings, is uncut, but the language is still filtered. Then there is the DVD version, where the episodes are uncut, and the language is uncensored.

8. William H Macy Auditioned for Brian in Family Guy

While he is famous for his role in Shameless, Frank Gallagher, whose real name is William Macy, auditioned for Family Guy at the beginning. Even though he was great at it, Seth McFarlane decided to voice Brian himself because of financial constraints.

9. Leading Voice Actors in Family Guy Get Paid At Least $175,000 per Episode

Except for Seth MacFarlane, the other four main voice actors earn an estimated $175,000 to $225,000 per Episode. That includes Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mike Henry, and Mila Kunis.

10. Family Guy Predicted Bruce Jenner’s Transition

The Simpsons aren’t the only ones popular for their predictions; Family Guy predicted Bruce Jenner’s transition in 2019. In one of the episodes featuring Bruce, Stewie calls him a woman. The video clip went viral when Bruce transitioned into Caitlyn.

11. Seth MacFarlane was the Youngest TV Producer Ever When Family Guy First Aired

Seth MacFarlane is among the biggest beneficiaries of Family Guy’s success, thanks to his role in creating, producing, and casting the show. Considering that he was only 24 years old when the first episode of Family Guy aired, Seth MacFarlane was among the youngest TV show producers at the time.

12. Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Escaped 9/11, Thanks to a Hungover

Seth was bound to board the American Airlines Flight II that crashed into the Twin Towers in 2001. Fortunately for him, he had been drinking the previous night and had a bad hangover that led to him missing the plane by 10 minutes. While waiting for his next flight, he heard the news about the crash. He narrated the story to a bartender, who ended up giving him an extra shot.

13. Chris and Meg Share Similar Physical Characteristics with Their Parents

Like all normal kids, Chris and Meg have a lot of resemblances with their parents. Chris has his mom’s eyes and dad’s chin. Meg has a mouth, nose, and hairstyle similar to Lois’s. But she also wears glasses like her dad, Peter.

14. Brian was Once Killed and Replaced

In one of the most controversial episodes, “The Life of Brian,” Family Guy executives decided to kill Brian and immediately replaced him with a dog named Vinny. This didn’t sit right with Family Guy fans, and a petition was launched to bring back Brian, which Family Guy eventually did.

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