Classy. High-end. Fast. Cutting-edge technology. These are some of the things that come to mind when someone mentions “Ferrari.” Although it’s not the fastest car, there is no doubt that the manufacturer has all the right ingredients to create a symbolic high-performance sports car. However, besides the general facts in this opening, how well do you know about Ferrari? Well, here are some astonishing Ferrari facts to start you off.

1. Ford Almost Bought Ferrari in the 1960s

In 1963, Ford approached Ferrari to buy the auto company. However, when the owner, Enzo, discovered he would not oversee the racing department, he declined the offer. Ford was so enraged by this move that he asked his engineers to build a car that would beat Ferrari at the Le Mans. That’s how the GT40 came to life, winning the Le Mans for four consecutive years.

2. Ferruccio Lamborghini Owned Several Ferraris

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini, one of Ferrari’s biggest rivals, owned several Ferrari models. In 1958, he bought his first Ferrari, the 250 GT, before purchasing several other models. However, his opinion of Ferrari cars was that they were noisy, had poorly built interiors, and had inferior clutches. He expressed his concerns to Enzo, who quickly dismissed him, saying he could create his own car if he was unhappy with what Ferrari offered. That is precisely what happened.

3. Ferrari Employees are Not Allowed to Buy a New Ferrari Model

According to Enrico Galliera, the Chief Marketing Officer for Ferrari, the company’s employees are prohibited from buying new Ferrari cars from the showroom; they can make but can’t own them. Ferrari operates on the “customer-first approach;” they are first prioritized when a new model drops. The only exception to this rule are F1 Ferrari drivers.

4. Ferrari Merchandize Sells More Than Cars

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Besides selling cars, Ferrari also sells merchandise in the form of t-shirts, keychains, sunglasses, and hats, among others. Interestingly, car manufacturers make more money from selling merchandise than cars. Considering Ferrari follows the scarcity principle (they make fewer cars to keep the demand and prices high), it makes sense that they make more money from other unlimited products. Ferrari’s massive worldwide fanbase also contributes to this success.

5. Ferrari Stopped Producing Cars with Manual Transmission in 2012

2012 was the last time Ferrari made a car with a manual transmission. Other than the steadily declining sales of manual Ferrari models, the company opted to stop their production to lower the associated production costs.

6. Galileo Ferrari Invented the Induction Motor Before Nikola Tesla

In April 1888, Galileo Ferrari invented the induction motor, which converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. In December of the same year, Nikola Tesla claimed to have invented the same induction motor. This later led to a court battle.

7. Ferrari FXX Owners Can Take Their Cars Home and Drive Them on Unauthorized Tracks

For a long time, there was a myth that owners of Ferrari FXX models couldn’t take their cars home or drive them on unauthorized tracks. Both these allegations are false. Google Executive Benjamin Sloss and his wife, who both own Ferrari 59XX and FXXK, broke the internet when they proved that you could take these cars and drive them wherever you wanted. However, the Ferrari team must review the vehicles before driving on street tracks.

8. The Dubai Police Has a Ferrari FF as Part of Its Fleet

For the longest time, the Dubai police department car fleet consisted of a Nissan GT-R, a Bentley Continental GT, and a Mercedes Benz SLS. However, they recently added a Ferrari FF to their collection. It has a powerful V12 engine, an all-wheel-drive system, and a 4-seater capacity.

9. Ferrari Carefully Handpicks Its Clientele

Unlike most auto companies, Ferrari carefully selects its clients based on passion and brand heritage; simply having money doesn’t cut it. To get the special editions of Ferrari, you must either be well connected with the brand or be a loyal customer for a long time. Even so, potential candidates are vetted thoroughly to ensure they fit perfectly.

10. The Ferrari 360 Crashing in the Song “I Need a Doctor” is Real

In the song, I Need a Doctor featuring Eminem and Dr Dre, the Ferrari 360 Modena that Dre crashes is real. Apparently, Dr Dre had set aside $75,000 to use this Ferrari as a prop in the music video. The song currently has over 500 million views on YouTube.

11. Ferrari Gifted Pope John Paul II the Last Ferrari Enzo

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In 2005, only 400 Ferrari Enzos were produced. 399 were sold to the public, and the last one was gifted to Pope John Paul II. However, he auctioned it for $6M, and the funds were used to help victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia. It was also the only White Ferrari Enzo ever made.

12. At 22 Years Old, Enzo Ferrari Sold His House to Buy a Race Car

To quench his passion for race cars, 22-year-old Enzo Ferrari sold his home and used that money to buy a sports car. He later on tried to buy the same house but was unsuccessful.

13. There is a Ferrari Theme Park

Though not as famous as Disneyland or the Six Flags, the Ferrari Theme Park in Dubai is spectacular. It has a superfast roller coaster called the Formula Rossa that can reach up to 150 mph speeds.

14. The Red Color of Ferraris was Born Out of Necessity

One of Ferrari’s trademarks is the red paint job. However, contrary to popular belief, red wasn’t a stylistic choice but a requirement for all race cars. Ferrari only retained the tradition longer than it needed to.

15. Enzo Ferrari Was a War Veteran

Besides being the brains behind the foundation of Ferrari, Enzo was also a veteran of World War I. He served in the 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment.

16. Ferrari is the King of Formula 1 Races

Ever since it entered Formula 1 in 1950, Ferrari has succeeded tremendously. It has won more than 100 times. The recent Lewis Hamilton switch from Mercedes to Ferrari highlights just how massive Ferrari is in the racing world.

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Last Update: February 7, 2024