11. Is covid gone? No? Okay…

– Icarustaker

12. If the average penis size has changed due to added hormones in food.

– SmellFlower

13. Who won WWIII.

– seth

14. I want to see if Annie is Ok.

– tiknique

15. I’ll just take my 8 TB drive and copy the entire content of Wikipedia to it, return to my timeline and spend the next 20 hours reading it and making a fortune by the second.

– keima99

16. Where’s my daughter?

She’d be 50 by then.

– toTheNewLife

17. Stonks and sports winners. Then some politics and world events. If I still have time, family, and friends.

– j___b___

18. See if GTA VI came out yet.

– szmatt0628

19. World news.

– BaronCoop

20. Probably stocks, lottery numbers could get changed by random acts but a company would be solid.

Then I’d check on my parents and see if there is anything I could do to keep them alive longer with future knowledge.

Would probably spend that 5 minutes with all that if I’m quick.

– Dewy_Wanna_Go

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