21. Science and politics news.

– rollingfullball

22. I’d steal the computer. Who wouldn’t want a computer 30 years more advanced than anything we have right now. A library computer would probably be more powerful than any gaming laptop we have now.

– NauticalFish

23. What areas are most livable due to climate change.

– i_wear_foxgloves

24. I’d check to see when/if I died. I’m 59, now, and the oldest men in my family history last to about 85. My son-in-law works pretty hard on our family tree so I’m pretty sure he’d update it if I or my wife died. It’d be a pretty quick check.

– 1tacoshort

25. See what small companies exploded, invest everything I own in those companies.

– YeetMaster_1000

26. Is weed legal in the UK.

– gramnugs

27. First thing I look up is, “How to use a 2050’s era computer.”

– TheSpaceShooterGame

28. Here is the list:

  • Pro Wrestling
  • Myself to see what I’m doing
  • Video Games
  • What shows are airing
  • Who is the president
  • Memes

– Sani

29. Check en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021. If possible, I’d try to save that file and send it to my phone. Probably do that for 2022 all the way to 2051.

– petrichorInk

30. When the world goes back to normal after Covid 19.

– Theresttattoo

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