August 3, 2006
circus freak Francesco Lentini three legs
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  1. Jane says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Lentini several years before he passed. We chatted for quite a while after the show and I found him to be delightful and very kind to a young girl who was honestly interested in his condition. He started my life-long love affair with Special People, for which I will always thank him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My nana, JOAN LENTINI, told me a few years ago that i was related to FRANCESCO LENTINI.that’s so cool!! he’s like my great great great great great great great something.haha.
    <3 italian

    1. anomonus says:

      please email me because if your really related to him your my family please please beacuse his nephes cousins siters and brothers are supposed to be dead my grandfather is robert reale

  3. Lentini says:

    I am the Grandson of Frank, My father was James…if any one has a link or relation let me know!
    J Lentini

    1. Jolene. Foss says:

      I am the Great Granddaughter of Frank. My mother, Peggy, was the son of James. My son looks kind of like Frank.


      I’m Rosolini – Sicily- Italy . Frank was born here. I can give you information .

    3. Ed Discola says:

      Frank was my grandfather’s (Charles Lentini) uncle.

      1. L. Edelen says:

        Who was your great-grandfather?

    4. L. Edelen says:

      My grandfather, Louis, and Frank were 1st cousins (their fathers, Sebastiano and Natale, were brothers). The two families lived together on Court Street in Middletown in the 1910s/1920s/1930s. As a boy, my grandfather used to pitch for Frank. I recall Frank visiting with us only once (in Florida) but the stories and laughter went on for hours.
      My grandfather’s siblings have all passed. If there are any photos that may include the cousins from Court Street–particularly a photo of Sebastiano and his wife Guiseppina Maltese (Maltesi), I would be so very interested.
      L. Lentini

    5. salvatore spadaro says:

      I’m an historian of Rosolini, the birthtown of Frank

    6. Terrence Blanco says:

      Hi I am a Great Nephew of Josephina Lentini Blanco. It is my understanding that she was the Brother of Grandfather. I would like to know more info about the Lentini family and I will share with you all I have on my Great Aunt family.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have an origonal oil painting of francesco lentini.

  5. savona-ventura says:

    It is highly likely that Mr. Lentini spent some time in Malta, probably in the institution for malformed children there. A series of photographs belonging to a Maltese Professor of Medicine depict a 7-9 year-old child with identical deformities [three legs, one shorter with a rudimentary foot]. Malta is a island close to Sicily.

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is total BS. none of this is true. honestly.

  7. J. Tithonus Pednaud says:

    What is BS? The Malta story?

  8. Anna says:

    This isn’t bull sh*t. There is film of his extra leg kicking the ball. It’s very old but it’s there. He was born in a time when fake legs couldn’t move on their own. Machinery was too bulky at the time.

  9. P says:

    I would like to know where is used ti lives. One of my friend his liast name is Lentini, that’s why i’m interested in any things about Lentini.

  10. LINDA says:


  11. jade says:

    i fill realy bad for him how did it fill to be him.

  12. Jannelle says:

    I saw the comment from James son and Frank’s grandson. (J. Lentini) I think I may be your niece. I would like to find out if James had a son (Robert) and daughter (Margaret) born in Connecticut. My mother was adopted but found out her biological fathers’ name was James Lentini. If this is correct you would be her brother. I saw you posted this a year ago but i would like to hear from you.

    1. Laura Lentini says:

      Hello. I am J. Lentini’s sister and Francesco Lentini’s great granddaughter. Our father is not the correct James Lentini. I hope you find/found who you are looking for.

      1. L. Edelen says:

        Laura – I would like to share family tree information. Was your father James b.1921 in Phil, PA?

  13. K. Lentini Radz says:

    Frank Lentini was my grandfather’s first cousin. My grandfather once told me stories about Frank and gave me a 1959 article from the Hartford Courant describing how Frank and his family were among the first from Sicily to settle in Middletown, CT (where we live). There are many links on the Internet associated with Frank Lentini. He’s even on Facebook! From all the articles I’ve read – it sounds like he was a wonderful man.

    1. L. Edelen says:

      Was your gr-grandfather and gr-grandmother Corrado and Mary?

  14. gabel says:

    to anonymous your ignorance shows when you make a comment. ps. great website… people need to understand diversity and how people deal with thier? (handicapabilaties)?

  15. emengat says:

    any updates coming ?

  16. emengat says:

    hm… funny.

  17. I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

  18. moldmita says:

    any updates coming ?

  19. J Tithonus Pednaud says:

    Updates are generally bi-weekly…when my busy life permits.

  20. unknown says:

    wow! man that’s a leg!

  21. L. Lentini says:

    He was my great grandfather. I am the granddaughter of his son Frank. My father was Jim. So interesting to read about him. I never had the opportunity to meet him, but have heard only good things.

  22. Pam says:

    I think he seemed fascinating!!
    But I have a serious question…..did he have 2 emmmmm penises??
    Did they both work???
    Just Askin’

  23. Julia says:

    I found one of his photos at an estate sale this weekend that is now on ebay. It seemed to be when he was first in US. I picked it up because I liked his wild plaid socks, then I noticed it had his name imprinted so I thought..he must be famous for something..THEN I noticed the 3rd leg! I saw a similar pic online but he was wearing 3 this pic he is only wearing 2. So interesting. Was glad he seemed so well adjusted.

  24. Sally says:

    Hey pam did you ever find out about that whole penis thing?

  25. anonumos says:

    this is very intresting

  26. Alice In Chains says:

    I have to comment on this….I just took 5 mins to research a 3 legged man whose image was used on the back of an Alice In Chains CD from 1995. I haven’t listened to it in 10 years and I was curious about the picture of this man… I stumbled upon this blog that seems to be brewing some real genealogical connections. All things considered, anything out of the “ordinary” freaks people out anyway. This guy had an amazing career as an entertainer by birthright, and is respected for that and obviously more. Very cool. Fyi…..the cover of the CD is worth noting; it’s a 3 legged dog. Man’s best friend right? lol 🙂

  27. John Camilleri from Malta says:

    @ Pam I just found out that he had 2 penises and they both worked and he had 4 children

  28. miriam says:

    This man frank Lentini, spent some time in the beautiful island of Malta when he was a boy. it is said that he had a very good sense of humour and he often joked about himself. Well done for all the information!

  29. sylvana says:

    well in the 90s a local news paper had a big skoop. they showed 3 photos of Mr lentini. it was said he was cared by a professor in medicen.malta is an island near sicily by ferry only 45mins.i am glad that he overcame the obstacels of life.and to do that he must had used the 3rd leg!:-]

  30. nana says:

    when I was in school I leared about him

  31. Hollywood says:

    If i remember correctly, a close friend of mine is related to Mr. Lentini. Worthington Mass ring a bell to anyone?

  32. Perrito. says:

    Today I bought a Francesco Lentini’s photograph at a flea market in Mexico, I didn’t know about him till today that I found the picture and looked for a 3leg man on the internet, this is so great. The picture is beautiful and it’s very old 🙂

  33. Devorah says:

    I went to Fun Street in Niagra on the Lake for the first time ever. I saw the display in Ripleys……mesmerizing

  34. Chase Lentini says:

    I am frank’s great great grandson. My father told me that he said it was mechanical by some pully. He was a good entertainer though.

  35. Nick says:

    I’m just wondering, does anyone know, could he really control his third leg? Could he feel it, and kick from it, or was he in some way telling his brother to do so? I can’t understand how if it was his brother’s leg, he would be able to control it.

  36. Daiirokit says:

    Mr. Lentini must have been an extradorinary person. It’s amazing how he learned to play soccer, and even ice skating! It would have been a cool experience to meet him. We should learn from people like this, that we can do anything. Disabilities and deformities cannot stop the human spirit.

  37. Chase Lentini says:

    You mean strings and dummies cannot stop the human spirit.

  38. Jeff says:

    I am the great grandson of Francisco Lentini..I have been looking for and information related to my great grandfather..I am the grandson of his son Frank..I have heard stories over the years and would like to get any information and photos of him…Jim Lentini and L Lentini would be my first cousins..

    1. Dott. Spadaro Salvatore says:

      Hello . I am Dr. Salvatore Spadaro historical Rosolini , the city where Frank was born . I’m looking for prenti Americans. Here at Rosolini there are so many of your relatives and the house where he was born and his father Frank Christmas.

  39. Chase Lentini says:

    I am the true great grandson of Francisco Lentini.

  40. Vince says:

    @Chase Lentini – I dunno if you’re a troll or you genuinely think it was achieved by mechanical trickery, but I find it impossible to believe Frank Lentini was a grift. For starters, to begin being exhibited at the age of 8 and then to keep up the con for the rest of his life through countless circuses seems unlikely. If it were fake, word would have gotten out at some point and it would have destroyed his career. Secondly, there’s several nude photos of him circulating (one in the reprinted version of Daniel P. Mannix’s “Freaks: We Who Are Not As Others” even shows his dual set of genitals). While there’s always been a degree of photographic trickery, at that point in time trying to pull off a con like that with primitive makeup and camera techniques would have been virtually impossible — at least getting the proportions right so each of the photos matched up. Sometimes people are born with weird deformities and I’m convinced that Frank Lentini was one of ’em (and if he wasn’t, he still has my uttmost respect for being the ultimate conman).

  41. Elizabeth says:

    I am distantly related to him! Personally I think he is awsome!

  42. Laura Lentini says:

    I am his great-granddaughter, granddaughter of his son, Frank. There was no pulley, no mechanics it was all real. He had a parasitic twin and that is how he ended up with the additional limbs. My dad told me a story about going with him to take a pair of pants to the dry cleaner. He usually wore a trenchcoat to cover it when he went out in public. He asked the lady how much it cost to dryclean a pair of pants, the lady told him the amount. He asked if it mattered how many legs it had..the lady said “I don’t care if it has 3 legs.” The he handed her he three-legged pants and her jaw dropped. lol He also told my dad to never feel sorry for him because there were people much worse off than him.

    1. HeidiK says:

      What a wonderful anecdote! I couldn’t help chuckling at his wonderful sense of humor. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing!

  43. Chase Lentini says:

    Oh yes, the ol getting clothes washed free because he’d show them a pair of 3 legged pants.

  44. Sandra Reale Hall says:

    My Grandfather was Frank Lentini’s brother. Growing up as a child we heard many stories. My Grandmother told me one day her, my grandfather and uncle Frank tried to get on the bus and were told there was not enough seats. Uncle Frank asked the driver if he could provide a seat could they all ride. The bus driver laughed and said sure, Frank let down his third leg and that is where my Grandmother sat.

  45. Chase Lentini says:

    Good story.

  46. Eureka says:

    The story of Mr. Francesco Lentini is also published on the Italian weekly magagine “Gente” (No. 44, published 2nd November 2010).

    According to this article, Mr. Pietro and Pippo Lentini (their grandfather is the cousin of Francesco Lentini) who live at Rosolini, a province of Siracusa of Sicily island (where Francesco Lentini was born) are wishing to contact with four children of Francesco Lentini; Josephine, Natale, Frank and James.

    Attahced is another article of Mr. Francesco Lentini’s life recently published at the

    I wish Mr. Pippo and Pietro Lentini will be able to see their American relatives…

  47. Eureka says:

    I forgot to write the most important thing…

    Message from Mr. Pippo and Pietro Lentini on the article of the weekly magagine “Gente”;

    Chiunque abbia notizie di lui (Francesco Lentini), può inviarle all’indirizzo
    (Whoever has the news of him, please write to us. The address is

  48. John Lentini says:

    I heard he was a sex addict.

  49. Tiffany says:

    Frank was my great-uncle. My father, Robert Reale, and I would love to find any relatives we may have out there.

  50. brandon nulf says:

    Francesco Lentini is my step mothers great great great greta uncle xD

  51. Jennie says:

    This has really inspired me and I’m going to fine as much as I can about him and his condition

  52. chuyakzzz says:

    nice one
    I like

  53. Amanda Johnson says:

    My Grandfather, Carl Anderson, traveled with Frank as a young boy. My Great Grandmother, Madame Labelle, was in a small traveling circus with Frank. My Great Grandmother would set Frank up on blind dates at the movie theater. He would already be sitting when the girl came and they would just stuff his third leg in between the seats. I have my Grandfather’s picture of him on my mantle. Even though Frank wasn’t a member of my family, I have always loved hearing his stories and every time I would visit my Grandfather I would ask him to take his picture out and tell me the exact same stories I heard before. I’m a cheap date.

  54. BklnJeff says:

    I remember Mr. Lentini well, from my youth. I grew up in Coney Island and Mr. Lentini was one of the attractions at the Surf Avenue Circus Sideshow where he was featured as having, “Three legs, four feet and sixteen toes.” It was in the early 50’s…

  55. Friedric Nebraska says:

    I think that he was a very strong man.I respect him.Is not simple fight against ourself and the bad ideas of people about us.

  56. Luna says:


    I hope you come back to the site as I’ve been looking for more information on venues other than Ringling Bros. where Mr. Lentini performed (or exhibited?). I was married to a man who claimed to have known him in the late 40s, met him on in a carnival setting, I believe. The Surf Ave. Circus Sideshow sounds something like how he described it, and I’m wondering if the show Lentini was with might have toured, and if so, if he ever played California. Anything anyone can tell me about this remarkable man from the late 40’s – early 50’s would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Luna

  57. Bruno Loyale says:

    Sam Alexander, grand sideshow impresario, was a dear friend of mine and worked with me for many years. He told me many stories of Lentini as they were good friends. Wish I could have met him. Sam said he was always joking and had a wonderful sense of humour.

    What a great website….congradulations……

    Somewhere in the Pacific….

    Tupa’i Bruno Loyale


    I remember three legged man from my childhood. He and his wife lived in the same neighborhood in Miami, Florida where I grew up. He was a customer of my dad’s; he and his wife were very pleasant. Myself being very young at the time, I remember asking him how he could get the extra shoe for his third foot. Naturally, he replied that he would have to buy 2 pairs of shoes at a time. His back leg was very strong in fact he would sit on it, using it as a stool. When he was driving his car the leg came around his right side and lay on the seat beside him. They lived in a little cottage style house surrounded by trees and wild flowers. This was in his later years of life, his wife remained living in the house after his death.

    1. Paul M. says:

      I also lived in North Miami Beach, in the same neighborhood with Mr. Lentini when I was a kid.

      We were always afraid to walk past his house on the way to school until one day we were walking past his house, and there he was out getting his mail. “OH NO” what do we do now!

      Well we took the plunge and walked over and talked to him. He was very pleasant. We asked him about the leg and he showed it to us.

      After that we were not afraid to walk past the house, but at least back then, there was always a question in our minds what might be going on back there behind all the over grown shrubs on his property.

  59. I would like to answer a few questions about Frank Lentini & hs wife Helen they were my neighbors for many years we exchanged Xmas gifts. Frank & Helen had a lovely country home surrounded by a white picket fence. across the streeet from my family. a large piece of property where they also had 3/4 small cottages where they would allow their circus friends stay for the winter Yes Frank could kick a football with the third leg & he did it many times with my husband ( when my husband was young) Frank & his wife were kind down to earth folks. Frank always wore a yellow slicker when he went out to shop so as not to draw attention to his condition. Actually I have a lovely letter & picture that he gave to my son as a letter of introduction to his family in Italy as my son was traveling to Italy to attend college approximately in 1974. Eleanor Pinder 310 NE 163 st Miami, Fla.

    1. Laura Lentini says:

      Helen was not his legal wife. He never divorced my great-grandmother and true Wife, Theresa.

  60. Katya says:

    Today I was watching part of a documentary which was on Frank Lentini. He was in Malta – Bormla – and a Professor/Surgeon was examining him to see whether they could remove the 3rd leg. Frank’s father wanted to do so since both in Malta and in Sicily there was an erroneous belief that malformed/disabled children meant that there was sin in the family and it was believed to be a sign of this curse. The kind professor decided that on removing Frank’s leg a vital part of his body would be compromised leading to his death. Therefore they decided to leave it. Lentini Family moved to America, and there Frank found fame 🙂

    I am Maltese and just heard a good Maltese journalist dug that into this story telling all about it.

  61. ed huston says:

    I moved into north Miami beach Florida in 1972. A couple of blocks away is where mr & mrs santini lived. I lived on 161st between 2nd & 3rd aves. I remember an overgrown parcel of land that was the santini property. I want to thank everyone who commented. I learned so much about an incredible man. What a wonderful story of overcoming adversity and finding love regardless of our handicaps, obvious, perceived or otherwise.

  62. Nader Abou Jaoude says:


  63. Bon Tislington says:

    How the hell are so many people related to Francesco Lentini? He must have been using all sets of genitals all the time, as must the rest of his family. What a man!

  64. marta says:

    hola!! conocía parte de la historia de Lentini, porque tuve en mi poder durante unos años una foto suya por ser el pariente de mi esposo.
    leer este artículo me permitió saber más sobre su vida.

  65. how come every one belives this but not annas life im related to her ya know

  66. humberto says:

    Hola la verdad que llegue a conocer a esta persona tan famosa en su epoca, solo por estar buscando datos de mi abuelo que se llamaba igual Francesco Lentini y con la coincidencia de pocos años de diferencia en su nacimiento y exactamente en el mismo lugar,osea familar de mi abuelo materno. Bueno la verdad que es muy lindo encontrarse con cosas asi y desde Argentina saludos a su familia.

  67. Ryan Vanderburg says:

    He is my great-great grandfather. His son Frank is my grandmother Phyllis’s dad. If I have any relatives on here yall should let me know, it’d be nice to talk.

  68. M Lentini says:

    A couple of days ago my dad told me that I was related to Francisco and I went on Google and i searched him but then I came to this website and i am surprised that i am related to most of you people.

  69. Jim says:

    I am trying to establish if Frank and Theresa Lentine lived in Wethersfield CT. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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  71. Catherine says:

    I wanna comment that you have a very nice site, I love the design and style it really shines.

  72. Frank Lentini says:

    im a student from southaven doing a research paper on this person and I’m bored so I’m commenting on this site and I’m making this sentence a run on but i might not be able to post this but what ever. 🙂

  73. This has really inspired me, I think that he was a very strong man.I respect him.Is not simple fight against yourself and the bad ideas of people about us.

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