25 Funniest Events in History

October 8, 2020
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  1. Ryan says:

    The link for the Benjamin Franklin story does not work.

    1. Admin says:

      Sorry for that. That fact was procured from a book. We seem to have missed it. We are desperately trying to find the name of the book, but we are coming up with nothing. We will most probably take that fact down if we don’t find the source for it.

      1. Kibu says:

        21 is incorrect. While this DID happen, it was not during the Korean war, but after it. The whole incident started when the north korean border guards killed at least one US soldier sent to cut the tree down. Operation Paul Bunyan came as a result of that.

        The Operation took place in 1976. Considering the war had ended in 1953… well, it’s incorrect to say it was during the Korean war.

        1. Christopher says:

          The two Koreas are still technically in a state of war as they have only signed an armistice. Because of this, I assume that Operation Paul Bunyan had that much military personal and weapons involved.

        2. Donald Jr says:

          Also, this has no context; they wanted to show their strength to the North Koreans; hence the OP-ness of this operation.

  2. Joshua says:

    no. 20 is utterly false! Even in the Wikipedia Article it is stated as a false rumor! Do more research on these “Facts”

    1. Admin says:

      I have updated the fact to reflect that it is not a fact, but a doubtful claim.

  3. layla says:

    I really dont think lighting monkeys on fire or blowing up dogs are very funny moment in history

    1. Alayna says:

      You’re going to be THAT person huh? Animal cruelty isnt funny, but I guess it was on here just based on how ridiculous/shocking it was.(Think about it…in the midst of battle and a bunch of flaming monkeys fly through the air) everyone here has a criticism of some sort. Sheesh 😑 I found the article really entertaining…but I suppose some people aren’t happy unless they find something to be offended about.

  4. Mike Long says:

    # 21 has some pretty big inaccuracies involved with it. M-16s weren’t invented yet, they came to be in the late ’50s, after Korea, same with M79 grenade launchers, not in use until 1961.

    1. Admin says:

      Yes you are right. There was a mistake on my part. It actually didn’t happen during the Korean War, but in 1976. It have edited the fact to reflect the same. Thank you.

  5. Sai says:

    11 is wrong. At the time of the assassination sandwiches did not exist yet. The rumour of Princip’s sandwiches only started several decades later.

    1. George says:

      Sandwiches were popular in Europe 200 years before ww1

  6. Alayna says:

    People here just want to complain about every last little thing. This wasn’t meant to be a college thesis…the article is more aimed at being humorous than anything. Some of the events are actually really interesting and worth further reading. I especially liked the one about Caligula. A truly fascinating, if not brutal emperor. Good job admin.. made me lol at a few of these. Our history as humans has been rife with struggle, but there have been plenty of times we’ve had to look at ourselves and just laugh. 😂

  7. JJ Smith says:

    It’s not that people want to complain but in a time where the media is distorting facts based on personal opinions and bias, proper referring and citations on facts are very important to nerds like us :-p

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