As we gear up for the next instalment of the Australian Open, let’s take a detour to the lighter side of the court and explore some funny and downright quirky facts that make this Grand Slam a laugh-out-loud affair. 

From kangaroo court invasions to tennis ball blunders, the Australian Open has its fair share of humorous anecdotes that add a sprinkle of comedy to the intense rallies. So, grab your tennis racket-shaped chuckle-metre, and let’s dive into the world of amusing Australian Open facts!

1. The Roaming Kangaroos: Court Crashes Down Under

In 2015, the Australian Open witnessed a rather unexpected and uniquely Australian court invasion—by a kangaroo! Yes, you heard it right. A kangaroo decided to hop into the arena, taking a momentary pause near the baseline as if contemplating the perfect forehand. The marsupial spectator left both players and fans in stitches before gracefully making its exit.

Imagine the commentary for that match: “And here we see the kangaroo demonstrating impeccable court control, a true master of the baseline bounce.” It just goes to show that when it comes to court invasions, Australia knows how to do it uniquely, with a touch of fur and a pouch for tennis balls.

2. When Melbourne Park Became a Bird Sanctuary

In 2012, the Australian Open faced a feathery dilemma when an influx of seagulls decided to turn Melbourne Park into their own private bird sanctuary. The courts became a playground for these cheeky avian spectators, with players and officials scratching their heads (and perhaps shooing away a seagull or two) to maintain a semblance of order.

The scene was a cross between a tennis match and an avian ballet, with players serving aces while dodging airborne seagulls. It just goes to show that even in the serious business of Grand Slam tennis, nature occasionally decides to crash the party and add a touch of whimsy.

3. The Ball Kids: Unsung Heroes or Comedic Maestros?

Ball kids, the unsung heroes of the tennis world, occasionally steal the spotlight with their unexpected antics. From errant ball tosses to unexpected on-court invasions, these youngsters add an element of unpredictability and often unintentional humour to the matches.

Picture this: a player sets up for a powerful serve, the crowd hushes, and just as the tension reaches its peak, a ball kid does an unintentional somersault while retrieving a ball. Cue laughter and applause from the audience. It’s a reminder that while the players may be the stars, the ball kids are the comedians of the tennis circus.

4. Novak Djokovic’s Love for the Melbourne Diet

Novak Djokovic, the tennis maestro and multiple-time Australian Open champion, has a unique pre-match ritual that has raised more than a few eyebrows. Known for his strict gluten-free diet, Djokovic once shared that he loves indulging in a hearty serving of Melbourne’s renowned gluten-free pizza.

So, picture the scene: the world No. 1 tennis player, a picture of focus, determination, and Australian Open odds success wolfing down a slice of gluten-free goodness before heading onto the court. It’s a reminder that even elite athletes have their culinary weaknesses, and in Djokovic’s case, Melbourne’s pizza holds a special place in his pre-match routine.

5. The Ice Cream Incident: Andy Murray’s Mid-Interview Treat

In a moment of sheer brilliance and unapologetic indulgence, Andy Murray once interrupted a post-match interview to savour an ice cream cone. As the interviewer struggled to keep a straight face, Murray enjoyed his frozen treat with the kind of nonchalance that made fans love him even more.

It’s a snapshot of the lighter side of the intense world of tennis, where even the most serious of athletes can’t resist the allure of a good ice cream cone. It’s a reminder that behind the fierce serves and powerful volleys, there’s a human side to these tennis stars that occasionally craves a sweet treat.

6. The Legend of Lleyton Hewitt’s “C’mon” Battle Cry

Lleyton Hewitt, the Australian tennis legend known for his fierce competitiveness and trademark “C’mon” battle cry, inadvertently sparked a humorous trend during one of his Australian Open matches. A group of Aussie fans decided to turn Hewitt’s iconic rallying cry into a full-blown musical composition, complete with drums and trumpets.

Imagine the scene: Hewitt belts out a resounding “C’mon” after a spectacular point, only to be met with a cacophony of drums and brass instruments from the stands. It’s a testament to the infectious energy of the Australian Open crowd and their knack for turning even a simple battle cry into a symphony of support.

7. The Scorching Aussie Heat: A Challenge for Players and Eggs

Australia’s notorious summer heat can make the court a sizzling challenge for players. During one particularly scorching day at the Australian Open, the heat became so intense that it led to an unusual problem—tennis balls started to cook on the court. Yes, you read that right. The extreme temperatures turned the tennis balls into mini hotplates, creating a comical scene that had players and officials scratching their heads.

It’s a reminder that the Australian Open isn’t just a mental and physical challenge for players; it’s also a test of the durability of tennis equipment. Who knew that in addition to skill and strategy, players also had to worry about their tennis balls doubling as makeshift frying pans?


As we eagerly await the next edition of the Australian Open, it’s clear that this Grand Slam isn’t just about fierce competition and jaw-dropping athleticism; it’s also a celebration of the lighter side of tennis. From kangaroo court invaders to seagull ballets, the Australian Open serves up a delightful mix of humour and sportsmanship.

So, as you settle in to watch the matches, keep an eye out for those unexpected moments that elicit a chuckle. Whether it’s a ball kid blunder, a player enjoying a mid-match snack, or an invasion by Melbourne’s feathered residents, the Australian Open proves that tennis, like life, is best enjoyed with a hearty dose of laughter.

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Last Update: December 19, 2023