Couples smooch, hold hands, and play with each other – anything that brings harmony is welcome. However, as is human nature, the things that bring joy to one couple can be totally different from another’s, and that’s perfectly fine. On a lighter note, we highlight 20 funny but cute things most couples have confessed to doing over time.

1. Use the Bathroom at the Same Time

Once couples get past the shy stage, it is very typical for them to use the bathroom simultaneously. One might be using the toilet, whereas the other is brushing their teeth at the sink. Most couples have confessed to doing this, especially when they are in a hurry to leave. On the contrary, researchers claim that sharing a bathroom is bad for a relationship.

2. Sniffing Each Other

Sniffing someone’s armpit seems gross, but not for some couples. Occasionally, people in intimate relationships find themselves sniffing each other and even their partner’s underwear. This can either be part of a fetish or just making sure the other person is clean and smells nice. Some couples are even addicted to their partner’s scent.

3. Wearing Each Other’s Clothes

While it’s common for couples to share unisex clothes such as hoodies and sneakers, some take it an extra mile and share things like pants and underwear.

4. Inspecting Weird Moles on Each Other’s Faces

A lot of couples have confessed to grabbing a pair of tweezers and inspecting their companion’s face for moles or pimples. Some go a step further by sharing a facial routine.

5. Texting Each Other While in the Same House

Couples who live in the same house can sometimes text each other when they are both at home. This is usually done when they want to send the other person something or when they are gossiping about somebody who is also in the room. This can also happen during outdoor events that the couples are both attending.

6. Giving Each Other Weird Nicknames

While in public spaces, couples may call each other romantic names such as “babe” or “honey.” However, when alone, most have confessed to calling each other weird names. Most of these nicknames tend to be embarrassing and are nowhere near romantic. Also, some couples have funny nicknames for items in their house.

7. Having a Unique Language

This applies to both young and old couples. After staying together for a while, people in a relationship tend to create their unique language, including speaking like children or not finishing their sentences. In other cases, couples may use different voices to annoy one another. Research shows couples who create their own language usually have a stronger bond.

8. Farting Infront of Each Other

Just like siblings and due to their close connection, most couples are not afraid of doing things they would otherwise not do in public. One of the most common embarrassing things couples do is farting in front of each other. This usually starts as an accident and grows to become a regular occurrence.

9. Not Afraid of Being at Their Worst

Having someone see you through your worst is one of the perks of being in a relationship. Though weird, couples are unafraid to be at their lowest once they trust the other person. Forgot to shave, brush your teeth, or apply makeup? It’s not a big deal.

10. Playing Pranks

To spice up their love lives and strengthen their bonds, couples sometimes pull pranks on one another. This mostly happens in relationships where parties understand humor and aren’t so uptight. Otherwise, the pranks may destroy everything they’ve built over time.

11. Wrestle

Millennials who grew up watching WWE love to wrestle with their partners. No, not the real wrestling; just play fighting. This is a unique way of bonding while reminding themselves of the good old days.

12. Butt Slaps

For most couples, the idea of slapping the other person’s behinds when they walk past them is irresistible. Interestingly, most couples do this subconsciously. It’s like this behavior has been ingrained in their minds.

13. Use the Same Toothbrush

After living with someone for years, it’s no longer weird to share toothbrushes with them. Couples may unknowingly use the other person’s toothbrush, and they will not feel disgusted at all. It’s not just toothbrushes; couples share personal items like nail cutters and combs, which they wouldn’t otherwise do.

14. Standing in Each Other’s Way

Another funny thing couples do is stand in each other’s way and prevent the other person from running their errands. Quite often, the bigger partner stands in front of the smaller one and bullies them around.

15. Record the Snorer

In most couples, there is one who usually snores at night, and the snorer never accepts that they do. So, the other person wakes up in the middle of the night, records the snorer, and shows it to them in the morning as evidence.

16. Spy on the Neighbors

When the neighbors are fighting, it’s not strange to find most couples standing by the window or wall eavesdropping. Some even switch off the TV and lights so they can hear more clearly.

17. Laughing at One Another

Couples are usually very compassionate with each other. However, they laugh the hardest when their favorite person does something embarrassing. For instance, if one falls, the other will probably laugh the loudest.

18. Forget Special Occasions

As time passes, couples forget special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. This usually happens to folks who have been married for many years. As time passes and responsibilities increase, it is expected that people will forget special occasions. Studies show husbands are more likely to forget special occasions.

19. Have TV Shows That You Watch Together

Whether it’s the Big Bang Theory, friends, or The Office, most couples have their favorite TV show that they watch together. The funny thing is that one partner usually sneaks behind the other and watches some episodes alone, sparking a “controversy.”

20. Help Hold a Grudge

If one of the couples dislikes the neighbors, it’s normal for the other to help carry the grudge, probably because they share similar interests or fear of picking “the wrong side.” Many couples have confessed not to liking certain things without a proper reason. They just do so because the other person they are in a relationship with does.

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Last Update: May 16, 2024