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  1. Rudy says:

    Yes Fusion is the future. But until that technology becomes profitable (probably a ways off from that) Fission is king. We have “generation 4” and “generation 3+” reactor technology that utterly outdoes the 1950s and 60s technology that we are typically dealing with among our current fleet of light-water reactors. In terms of safety, efficiency, reduction of waste and cost-effectiveness… imagine comparing a car from the 50s or 60s to a car of today and you’d start to get the picture.

    In fact Google tech talks hosted a speaker whose talk was titled “Thorium MSR: everything Fusion wanted to be”

    pro-tip: I’ve done more than watch youtube videos, but this lays it out very well.

    I’d really appreciate if you did an infographic on energy density of uranium/thorium/plutonium vs fossil fuels. has a good

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