Here are 16 Interesting Gardening facts.

1-5 Gardening Facts

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1. While ancient Romans and Assyrians were renowned for their beautiful gardens, the value of gardens as an aesthetic place declined during the Middle Ages. Monasteries, however, served to continue the tradition of garden design and the improvement of gardening techniques. – Source

2. May 2nd is World Naked Gardening Day, where amateur and expert gardeners are encouraged to garden naked to promote body-acceptance. – Source

3. Astronauts aboard the ISS are growing lettuce to study outer space gardening techniques. – Source

4. Guerrilla Gardening is the act of gardening on land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights to utilize. Ranging from gardeners who spill over their legal boundaries, to those with political motives who seek to provoke change using guerrilla gardening as a protest. – Source

5. Coconut extracts are good for growing plants. – Source

6-10 Gardening Facts

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6. After WWII plants were bombarded with radiation to produce useful mutations known as Atomic Gardening which resulted in today’s peppermint and red grapefruit. – Source

7. Several studies have been done with respect to the effects of music on plant growth. Many of these experiments show the plants actually growing away from rock and roll music, almost as if they are trying to escape the sound. – Source

8. The concept of “Victory Gardens” campaign was started during World War II to encourage people to grow food for consumption, recreation and to improve morale. In the 1970s, the remaining gardens gave rise to the rebirth of community gardening. – Source

9. The earthworms we have in the northern part of North America are a non-native, invasive species, and they are a major contributing factor in the deterioration of our forests. – Source

10. Dacha gardening accounts for about 3% of the arable land used in agriculture but grows an astounding 50% by value of the food eaten by Russians. – Source

11-16 Gardening Facts

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11. The earliest gardens were used to grow food and medicinal herbs. Around 1500 B.C. in Egypt, the first decorative gardens appeared. – Source

12. According to a study, as little as 30 minutes of gardening can improve a man’s sex life. Weeding, digging, or mowing the lawn for 30 minutes almost halved a man’s risk of impotence. – Source

13. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew cannabis on their plantations. Jefferson even invented a device for producing hemp in 1815. – Source

14. Famous literary works that center their plots on gardens include The Secret Garden, the Dark Materials trilogy, Tom’s Midnight Garden, “The Selfish Giant,” Romeo and Juliet, “The Merchant’s Tale” in Canterbury Tales, La Roman de la Rose, Rebecca, The Door in the Wall, and the book of Genesis in the Bible. – Source

15. Gardens and philosophy are often seen as related. Philosophers note the contribution of gardening to the “good life.” – Source

16. Scientists connected a paralyzed woman’s brain to the basic tablet so she could google about gardening. – Source

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