Roughly 30 million tourists make a trip to the Caribbean Islands every year. As the world’s levels of expendable income continue to trend upwards, it’s projected that those immense visitor numbers will follow suit.

It’s no wonder why the Caribbean Island chain has become such a fixture in the eyes of international travelers. The area sports crystal blue waters, white-sand beaches, and locals that generously share their culture.

If you’re thinking of taking an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise or flying down to the area in the next few months, we recommend that you learn a little bit about what you’re getting yourself into before arriving.

Below, we share 6 interesting Caribbean facts that will blow your mind!

1. Only 2% of the Islands in the Caribbean Are Inhabited

When you think of the Caribbean, you probably think of its core islands like Cuba and Jamaica. While those islands do attract a number of all-inclusive Caribbean cruise travelers, business people and cultural explorers alike, there are actually over 7,000 Caribbean islands.

Despite that massive number, only 2% of those islands are inhabited.

2. English Is Not the Dominant Language

Its seems as though the English language trumps all others these days. Such is not the case in the Caribbean.

Many islands in the Caribbean have unique pasts of colonization, trading relationships and other important historical events that have shaped their relationship with language. Today, we’ve come to find that Haitian, Creole and Spanish have emerged as the island’s languages of choice.

Despite that, English is spoken as a second language on many islands given its necessity in tourism.

3. The Caribbean Is Home to the World’s Shortest Runway

Think you’re afraid of flying now? Try landing on a runway that’s only 1,300 feet long and is surrounded by deep ocean on either side.

One wrong move and your flight will turn into a submarine adventure.

Not fun.

4. The Vast Majority of People Live on 3 Islands

With 7000 islands in the Caribbean, you’d think that natives would be spread out. That’s not the case.

75% of the Caribbean’s population lives on the islands of Cuba, Jamaica and in the Dominican Republic.

5. Jamaica Has a Ton of Religious Brownie Points

There is no country that’s more church-loving than Jamaica. The country boasts the most churches per square mile in the world.

At last count, Jamaica’s total church volume had surpassed 1,600.

6. The Dominican Attracts the Most All-Inclusive Caribbean Cruise Traffic

Tourism is a huge draw in the Caribbean. Out of all of the options that people enjoy when visiting the island chain, the vast majority of them choose to visit the Dominican Republic.

A relatively strong local economy, wonderful resorts and tons of activities have all helped the Dominican claim its tourism dominance so if you’re interested in rest and relaxation, enjoy your next fun Caribbean cruise today to its shores.

Closing out Our Caribbean Facts

There’s more to know about the Caribbean than how many stars its resorts collectively have. Now that you have fun facts bouncing around your brain, you can head to the area feeling more confident and can get more out of your next all-inclusive Caribbean cruise to one of the world’s most popular getaways!

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Last Update: August 13, 2019