Animals or pets are undoubtedly lovable creatures, whether it’s in real life or on TV. Over time, several animal characters have played varying roles – some have been villains, while others have been companions of other actors. Here is a list of memorable animal characters who played crucial roles in popular movies or TV shows.

1. Ted from Ted

Teddy bears are known to be soft, furry, and cuddly stuffed animals. Well, Seth MacFarlane’s ingenuity, he managed to use the animal to create one of the most unique animal characters seen on TV. Famous for the movie series Ted, ted is a pet and John’s (Mark Wahlberg) best friend.

The character smokes weed, eats profanity for breakfast, and is exceptionally rude. Ted helps John throughout his teen and adult life while living as an actual person, making him one of the most exceptional movie characters.

2. Brian from Family Guy

For the many years that Family Guy has aired on TV, fans have grown to fall in love with the pet dog – Brian. Like Ted, Brian is a Labrador Retriever who talks like a human and walks on only two legs. While the “Brian” character in Family Guy was brought in as a supporting cast, he is clearly more than that.

In Family Guy, Brian is displayed as a writer whose career is going terribly. He is a regular drinker and smokes a lot of marijuana. The character gets so comfortable in the show that he runs his side quests, including falling in love with different women.

3. Gary from Spongebob

Spongebob is perhaps one of the best cartoons ever to hit the screens. In this cartoon, the main character, Spongebob, has a pet named Gary, a snail who lives in his apartment. Gary is Patrick’s cousin, which is one of the show’s marvels; the two are different animal species. The snail meows like a cat and is an excellent driver.

4. Khaleesi’s Dragons

Queen Daenerys Targaryen would have never ascended to her status without Drogon, Rheagal, and Viserion. These three dragons destroyed the nightwalkers, the Lannister army and brought an entire city to its knees. While Drogon did the majority of the heavy lifting, most viewers agree that these animals did an outstanding job. What’s so great about Khaleesi’s dragons is that they came alive at a time when dragons were presumed extinct. They were huge and breathed fire to anyone and anything in their way.

5. Ghost from Game of Thrones

While Ghost, Jon Snow’s pet wolf, has been heavily overshadowed by other animals in the show, the character’s role cannot be overlooked. Ghost was the tiniest wolf in the entire litter and was an albino. But somehow, it managed to outlive the six because only Ghost and Nymeria, Arya’s wolf, were left behind in the end. Ghost also saved many lives, including John’s, Samwell Taly’s and Gilly’s, when the men wanted to have their way with her.

6. Scooby Doo

Even though it’s been years since Scooby Doo has made an appearance on TV, he remains to be one of America’s favorite on-screen pets. Most people don’t know this, but Scooby Doo was a Great Dane dog species. He acted as a dog and a human being because he could talk and solve mysteries. His close bond with Shaggy was something else, not to mention his abilities to do dog things, such as falling in love with female dogs and walking on fours.

7. Simba from Lion King

Simba from Lion King is the most decorated lion character to ever grace our screens. Even though lions are presumed to be ferocious to suit the king of the jungle narrative, Simba is shy, kind, and loving. He even ate worms with Timon and Pumba. However, Simba had to navigate complex family and social dynamics to reclaim his rightful place on the throne, which is what most viewers fell in love with.

8. Po from Kung Fu Panda

When Kung Fu Panda was released on June 6th, 2008, everyone fell in love with that huge and cuddly panda. Po used to work at a noodle shop with his adopted dad, Ping, hence the name Po Ping. He was, however, obsessed with Kung Fu and knew almost everything about it. When Po was “accidentally” chosen as Dragon Warrior by Grand Master Oogway, Shifu and the Furious 5 hated him. They even tried to kick him out of the Jade Palace at some point.

However, due to his determination, Po learned the art of Kung Fu, becoming China’s best Dragon Warrior. Po’s story is quite inspirational, and it’s one of the reasons he is one of the best animal characters.

9. Dobby from Harry Potter

Dobby from Harry Potter is the perfect example of why animals should be treated with care and compassion. Although he was mistreated by the Malfoy family, where he was a house-elf, Dobby was instrumental in warning Harry about the plan of the wizards conspiring to kill him.

Because of Dobby’s help, Harry Potter tricked Lucius Malfoy into freeing the elf by giving him a sock in a book. Eventually, Dobby got another job at Hogwarts when Professor Dumbledore employed him.

10. Appa from Avatar

In Avatar, Appa is the flying Bison used by various characters, including Aang, for transportation. Appa and Aang had a very close relationship because they were abandoned when they were young and trapped in an iceberg for a century before being released. Apart from transportation, the two have saved each other’s lives several times. Their inspiring bond can be felt when Aang learns about Appa’s capture by the Sandbenders.

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