Animals and humans grow in every aspect during their lifetime, with the most visible being growth in their physical attributes. However, what causes these developments? How do we explain stunted growth? Here are some intriguing growth hormone facts to help you answer these and more questions.

1. The Pituitary Gland Makes The Growth Hormone

The pituitary gland is responsible for making and releasing the growth hormone. It is located at the brain’s base, behind the nose’s bridge, and under the hypothalamus.

2. Growth Hormone Levels Increase Gradually

Human growth hormone levels rise and fall gradually throughout a person’s existence. They are low in childhood but peak during puberty. When an individual reaches middle age, the growth hormone levels naturally start decreasing to the end of life.

Daily growth hormone fluctuations can also occur. Scientists say their levels are higher during the day, probably influenced by physical activities and exercises.

3. It Aids Physical Growth

As its name suggests, growth hormone alters humans and animals’ physical attributes, including muscle and bone growth. It also regulates fat levels and other metabolism activities, such as insulin action.

4. Growth Hormone Is The Reason Cats Sleep Too Much

Cats only produce growth hormones when asleep. This explains why they are mostly asleep, averaging 18 hours a day.

5. Doctors Can Prescribe Synthetic Growth Hormone

Healthcare providers can prescribe synthetic growth hormones to help children with impaired growth achieve ideal body sizes and heights. Interestingly, studies show that kids under this medication aren’t likely to grow any taller than they would have naturally. However, they can register tremendous growth if they take above and beyond subscriptions.

6. The United States Permits Consumption of Milk from Cows Grown With Artificial Growth Hormone

The United States allows its inhabitants to consume milk products from animals grown with artificial (bovine) growth hormone. Amid the ongoing debates, the country is the only developed one that permits this.

7. Tall Girls Received Growth Hormone Treatment To Stunt Their Development

Until the 90s, tall girls underwent growth hormone treatment to slow down their growth. Most people believed there was an ideal height for females and that being excessively tall was abnormal.

8. There Is a Black Market for Growth Hormones

There is a black market platform where athletes who want to enhance their image, bodybuilders, and others along those lines can buy synthetic growth hormones. Sports organizations and regulators try to monitor the use of these hormones, but their use persists.

9. Andy Milonakis Looks So Young Because of a Growth Hormone Deficiency

Andy Milonakis is an American comedian actor famous for starring in the Andy Milonakis Show on MTV. However, what’s more striking is that he has an adolescent appearance and voice even though he is over 45 years old. It turns out that he suffers from growth hormone deficiency that inhabited his growth.

10. Excess Growth Hormone Can Cause Acromegaly

While growth hormone is critical for muscle and bone growth, excess levels can cause acromegaly. The condition is usually a result of a tumor on the pituitary gland. Patients suffer from overgrown bones and muscles, especially on their faces, feet, and hands.

11. Andre Rene Refused Acromegaly Treatment

Andre Rene, famously known by his ring name, Andre the Giant, was a professional actor and wrestler. He suffered from acromegaly, a condition where the patient’s muscles and bones grow uncontrollably. Even though the disease can be reversed/treated, Andre refused medical help. He said that if God wanted him that way, he wouldn’t change His will.

12. Psychosocial Short Stature Is A Result of Inadequate Growth Hormone

Research shows that severe emotional stress in children can inhibit growth hormone production. This results in a condition known as Psychosocial Social Stature, where the patient doesn’t grow even if they have adequate nutrients.

13. Fox News Censored Findings Of Their Growth Hormone Investigation

Investigators from Fox News had uncovered information linking genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone to some adverse effects on humans. However, Monsanto, the company that produces the hormone, threatened the news broadcaster with “dire consequences” if the story aired. Fox News censored themselves because they didn’t want to lose advertising revenues and other benefits.

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Last Update: September 25, 2023