The Grand Theft Auto Series video game revolves around several games where players are exposed to an open world and have missions as well as side quests to accomplish. It was named Grand Theft Auto because the game mainly involves driving, shooting, and stealing. The game series has also been centered in various cities, such as Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City. If you are into GTA and gaming in general, you might find this piece interesting as it revolves around some random GTA facts.

1. GTA V Has Sold More than 190 Million Copies

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Even though GTA 5 is not the best-selling game of all time (Tetris is), Rockstar, the video game’s publisher, has sold more than 190 million copies as of 2023. That makes it the highest-selling PC/console game of all time. As for the entire series of GTA, the estimated number of copies sold is around 420 million.

2. Rockstar Hires Real Convicts to Voice GTA Characters

When interviewed by a Chicago radio station, Lazlow Jones, one of the leading writers for GTA, mentioned that they hire real-life convicts to voice some of the GTA characters to add authenticity to the game. El Salvadorian gangsters are a perfect example. The game’s executives also admitted that they have let the convicts alter the scripts in the past.

3. GTA Radio Stations are Hosted by Real Personalities and Play Licensed Music

As you play through GTA, it’s impossible not to notice how authentic and unique GTA radio stations are. However, did you know that real people host most GTA radio stations, and the music played is licensed? When playing GTA V, gamers are treated to some of the most popular bangers of 2012 and 2013. Also, the two talk radio stations discuss real-life issues that affect Americans.

4. In the GTA Series, America Goes to War with Australia

In GTA III, IV, V, Vice City, and San Andreas, there was a fictional war between America and Australia. If you were keen on GTA III, you may remember a call by a vet to Chatterbox discussing how no one cares about the American-Australian war. They also go on to mention how Australians have equipped kangaroos with explosives. Similar discussions are also played in other GTA series.

5. GTA was Built from a Video Game Called Race’n’Chase

During the early nineties, developers worked on a video game called Race’n’Chase. It was built on an open world, and one would choose to either be a cop or the bad guy being chased by the authorities. Like the first GTA series, Race’n’Chase was developed from the top-down perspective. This game finally evolved into Grand Theft Auto, released in 1997.

6. The Real-Life Franklin in GTA V Once Knocked Out Ice Cube

The character Franklin Clinton in GTA V is played by Shawn Fonteno, who, according to TMZ, once knocked out Ice Cube and stole his chain. Before getting the role of Franklin, Shawn was an underground rapper, and in the documentary called “Beef 2”, he narrates how he had an altercation with Ice Cube. This is said to have happened in the 90s. The other unique fact about Shawn is that he is the cousin to Young Maylay, who played CJ in GTA San Andreas.

7. GTA Once Paid for Negative Reviews

Like the game, GTA’s executives aren’t shy of controversies. In a 2012 interview, David Jones, the co-creator, narrates how a PR Guru called Max Clifford developed an idea to pay for negative reviews. According to Jones, the strategy worked wonders. Everyone, including parliament members, was involved in the public outcry, lamenting how violent the game was. This resulted in more sales for the game.

8. GTA VI is the Most Viewed Videogame Trailer in 24 Hours

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In December 2023, GTA received the Guinness World Record recognition for the first video game trailer to get the most views on YouTube within 24 hours. The GTA VI trailer got 90.4 million views in just 24 hours. It is also the most-liked video trailer on YouTube, with 8.9 million likes. However, this is not the only record that GTA has broken. In 2013, GTA V broke the Guinness world record for the highest revenue in just 24 hours.

9. It’s Possible to Get Attacked by a Shark in GTA V

If a gamer takes a boat in GTA V and heads out to the deep blue sea of Los Santos, they will likely encounter a shark attack if they get into the water. Given the realistic nature of GTA V, swimming in the ocean won’t just expose you to the flora and fauna; there is a high chance of getting eaten by a shark.

10. GTA Has Retained Its “Wasted” Trend in All of Its Series

In all GTA games, when a player dies, the term “Wasted” appears on the screen before the player spawns in a nearby hospital. “Wasted” is the theme for Grand Theft Auto and is featured in all its games.

11. GTA Online Has Revolutionized the Game

One of the drawbacks of Grand Theft Auto is that once you’re through with the missions, the game becomes a bit boring. However, GTA Online brought a unique twist to the game. With it, a player can create their own players, play with others in real time, engage in many other side quests, and, the best part – “terrorize” other players.

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Last Update: May 1, 2024