In most cases, whether based on actual events or plain fiction, films are scripted, and people know this. Even so, some writers, directors, actors, and producers have managed to stage scenes that are not only brutal but very difficult to watch. This article highlights some of the hardest-to-watch scenes in popular films.

1. The Red Wedding in Game of Thrones

Many people think the scene where Jon Snow kills his beloved, Daenerys Targaryen, in the Game of Thrones TV show is the hardest to watch, and they aren’t technically wrong. However, we can argue that it doesn’t come to the red wedding scene.

For those who remember, the Red Wedding was organized by Lord Walder Frey against Robb Stark for failing to marry his daughter. In this bloody and emotional-packed scene, Walder Frey drives a dagger through Robb Stark, who is very popular amongst GOT fans. The family also kills Robb’s wife, who is pregnant. What makes this scene so emotional are the cries from Robb’s mother, Catelyn Stark, asking him to get out and leave.

2. Closing Scene in The Mist

While The Mist is an amazing movie, its closing scene is so grotesque that most people prefer not to rewatch it. David, one of the film’s main characters, alongside other adults, run out of gas and decide to end their lives. Trying to lead from the front, David shoots everyone, his son included, and runs out of bullets. As he waits for the monsters in the mist to take him out, things clear out and the military is saving people. David breaks down in tears, knowing he made the worst decision of his life.

3. The Tree Rape Scene from Evil Dead

Released in 1981, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead was packed with lots of gut-wrenching scenes, one of them being the tree rape scene. When Ash’s sister, Cheryl, decides to flee the possessed cabin, one of the demons owns a tree that does more than terrify her. The branches tear through her clothes and hold her leg apart, and the unspeakable happens. This scene was so traumatizing that Sam Raimi regretted including it in the film’s final cut.

4. Newborn Rape in A Serbian Film

This entire film revolves around murder, pornography, rape, and many other inappropriate scenes. Directed by Srdan Spasojevic, he taps into an area that most people wouldn’t. In one of the scenes, Milos is shown footage of a newborn baby being raped, triggering him to quit his job.

5. The Use of a Crucifix to “Touch Oneself” in The Exorcist

Almost four decades later, The Exorcist remains one of the most terrifying films seen on TV. One of its hardest scenes to watch, even for horror enthusiasts, is the use of a crucifix to “touch oneself.” In one of the clips, Chris walked into her daughter’s room and saw her using a crucifix to satisfy herself sexually. This scene wasn’t only terrifying but outright blasphemous for believers.

6. Blood Bath from Hostel Part II

The entire Hostel series contains many questionable scenes. However, there is a particular one that’s impossible to rewatch. It involves one of the torturers hanging a girl upside down and slicing her back, creating a literal blood bath. As if that’s not enough, she drives a knife across her throat. What makes this scene so gruesome is that the torturer has no motive or reason for doing such actions.

7. Eating of Poop in Salo

Also known as 120 Days of Sodom, this film depicts modern-day sadism. Four wealthy Italians kidnap a handful of teens and take them through various forms of torture. While some of the scenes are watchable, there is one where the young adults are forced to eat human feces from plates, and it is nerve-wracking. Even though the teenagers are saved in the end, what they go through is quite grotesque.

8. Slave Whipping from 12 Years A Slave

There is no doubt that Lupita Nyong’o delivered a five-star acting performance in the film 12 Years a Slave. The entire movie is very emotional because it’s a reminder of the many years of oppression experienced by the African American community. There is a scene where Lupita is lashed fifty times on her back by Epps, the plantation owner, and no one can watch it with a straight face.

9. Creation of the Human Centipede

Released in 2010, The Human Centipede left many questioning Tom Six’s morality. In the film, German Doctor Diester Laser attempts to create a human centipede. To give birth to this creature, he kidnaps three tourists and sews their mouths to their anus. I wish that was a figure of speech, but it’s not.

10. The Stabbing in Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is a film that has won five Academy Awards, proving it’s one of the best films on TV. However, there is a particular scene that many fans have complained about; the stabbing of Private Stanley Mellish. As he fights with a German soldier, Stanley Mellish is overpowered and stabbed by a knife in his chest. The most heartbreaking thing about this scene is that another American soldier hangs back rather than trying to save Mellish as he has a gun.

11. Eating Cigarettes in Julien Donkey-Boy

Directed by Harmony Korine, in the film Julien Donkey-Boy, there is a scene where a birthday clown is eating cigarettes. He starts by lighting and smoking them before he pushes them all the way down. This gives a new perception of cigarette smoking.

12. Soap Beating in Full Metal Jacket

Played by Vincent D’Onofrio, Private Pyle is an overweight and weak platoon member. Therefore, all the mistakes he made were transferred to his group. After having enough of Private Pyle’s mess-ups, the lot decides to gang-beat him with a bar of soap wrapped in a towel. The scene is horrific and showcases the bullying that happens during army training.

13. Skinned Alive and Crucified in Martyrs

In this film, Anna is kidnapped by a group of strange people who torture her in all manners. After having their fill of pleasure, they take Anna to a doctor-like setting where she is skinned alive before being crucified. Her death is slow and very painful, which makes it super hard to watch.

14. Father and Son Scene in Happiness

This show is the exact opposite of its title. Near its end, it shows Bill Maplewood, a father of three who is a pedophile, having a conversation with his son. He narrates how he once drugged his 11-year-old friend and had his way with him, along with several others. Though the actual scenes are not shown, this is a conversation that no one wants to hear twice.



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