11. Yes, I saw shadow creatures and I thought they were out to get me.

– dre2048500

12. During exam week I pulled 3 all-nighters in the library between tests. The library was open 24hr so I’d just stay up all night making note cards then go take an exam during the day. I lived off campus and didn’t want to spend the gas money.

I’d go to the most isolated area but the library would pretty much be cleared out by midnight. I started to see glimpses of people and I thought it was a bunch of students f**king with me but there was no one on that floor. I thought the lights went off at some point and maybe it was a sensor so I started jumping around to reactivate it but obviously, it was light the whole time.

– iBelieveInSpace

13. Once in my early 20’s I took acid and didn’t sleep at all for like 3 days. At one point on the third day a door told me to go f**k myself and I really wasn’t sure if it was from the drugs building up over time or because I was so tired.

– Leavemetomysleep

14. It’s almost a regular occurrence for me by now because I suffer from insomnia. There are 3 different types of hallucinations for me:

  • Funny, useless sh*t I know is fake.
  • sh*t that could be real or not.
  • Extremely scary and traumatic sh*t I know is fake but rattles me up every single time. Usually, they appear in that order. Pro-tip: if you are experiencing visual hallucinations and you aren’t sure whether something is real or not, take a photo with your smartphone and look at that. It is very unlikely that you hallucinate the same sh*t twice and in the exact same position. Works for me, at last.

– sunshinegunpowder

15. Spent a few weeks only getting about 4 hours of sleep a night. My brain started seeing, from the corners of my eyes, black things dropping from the ceiling that looked like giant spiders….I started making sure I got enough sleep.

– Idonknowwatamdoing

16. After a while I start to become seriously paranoid and I start hearing voices and things like that, it’s not very fun. I have some serious issues with sleep and sometimes it will get to the point where I will start seeing things out the corners of my eye that aren’t actually happening and I manage to scare the sh*t out of myself.

Please get enough sleep, don’t fall into the habit of staying up for days on end, the longer you stay up, the harder it is to fall asleep.

– an_average_bitch

17. Shadow demons coming to get me they’re very fast.

– Fuzzy-grapes

18. I didn’t have visual hallucinations but auditory. It was like music and very nice but scary because you didn’t know where it came from.

– cheese68475

19. No sleep for 4 days straight, it really fucks with your head. All sounds heightened to the max and was sure I could hear all my neighbors talking sh*t about me.

– ReverseShoplifter

20. Guy I knew didn’t sleep for a week because apparently meth does that to a human. Anyway, he quit when he stopped to let a dragon cross the street.

– CitizenHuman

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