Over 12.5 million vehicles are involved in car crashes every year in the U.S. Of these, a good percentage involves private and commercial trucks.

After a truck accident, seeking legal help for compensation requires partnering with the right law firm setting you up for a smooth, pain-free process.

Below is a closer look at why seeking compensation for truck accidents can be complicated.

Why Seeking Compensation Is Complicated

Not everyone gets their way when they file a claim suit after a truck accident. The compensation process involving truck accidents is complex for the following reasons.

There Are More Regulations

The commercial truck driver and the truck companies must follow the set regulations and register with the Federal Motor Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation to procure interstate deliveries.

Trucks Possess Hefty Policies

Larger vehicles attract a higher premium than passenger vehicles. Insurance companies offer truck policies over 40 times more in value than 5-,7-, or 10-seater passenger vehicle policies.

You Need a Lawyer Good at Handling Truck Accident-related Cases

Your claim suit is as strong as your truck accident attorney’s abilities. Without the right lawyer, you might not receive adequate compensation.

There’s a Higher Chance of Death in Truck Accidents

The more deaths there are in the event of a truck accident, the more ambiguous the claim suit will be.

Many Key Parties Answerable in a Truck Accident Compensation Claim

Truck accidents often involve multiple parties explaining why seeking compensation is complicated. A basic truck accident claim factors in:

  • The truck driver
  • The truck driver’s employer
  • The truck manufacturer
  • Shipper
  • The manufacturer of the major parts and accessories for the truck
  • Insurance companies for all involved parties
  • The government is answerable if an accident occurs due to the poor state of roads or failure to put up signs and barriers during road construction

The claim process becomes even more complicated when government entities and third parties get involved.

Who Are the Negligent Parties?

Who is at fault for the accident? It’s the one question none of the affected parties in a truck accident want to lay ownership of. However, for an accident to happen, someone must be liable. An accident often occurs due to some negligence. Sometimes it’s so sudden there’s no way of knowing who is at fault.

Therefore, what the investigators and insurance company attorneys will want to know during the claim process include the following:

  • Whether or not there was an “hours of service” violation
  • Severity of injuries
  • Number of deaths
  • If the driver was distracted
  • If there is evidence of aggressive driving
  • The sobriety of the driver at the time of the incident, etc.

It’s challenging to determine which party is liable for the accident, especially when multiple parties are involved. Therefore, representing yourself when you file a lawsuit without the help of an accident attorney is a sure way to lose or end up with less compensation for your loss.

Common Truck Accident Causes

Knowing the leading causes of truck accidents allows the authorities to intervene and minimize future incidents, injuries, and fatalities. What are the primary culprits behind increasing truck accidents?

Driver Fatigue

Fatigue or impairment is one of the leading reasons behind most vehicle crashes. There are set Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration-FMCSA regulations on maximum continuous hours driven, required breaks, maximum driving time limit, etc.

Driving in Rural Areas

The risk of a truck accident happens when driving in rural areas where some roads are poorly maintained, which can be dangerous, especially during night driving. Rural areas also have plenty of wildlife activity which can pose a risk for truck drivers.

Loss of Control

Large trucks carry heavy loads and are longer than standard cars. It takes experience and skill to maneuver the vehicle in traffic, along narrow trails, and on sharp bends. The lack of driving experience and unforeseeable faults on the road can lead to accidents.

Mechanical Breakdowns

Tire bursts, brake failure, and poor vehicle maintenance can cause malfunctions that can cause truck accidents.

Seek Professional Help

It’s essential to partner with a reputable law firm with a high success rate of solved truck accident claims. Representing yourself in court after a truck accident is a bad idea. Always seek professional help to ensure you get the right representation and possibly maximum compensation.

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Last Update: November 15, 2022