14 Interesting Facts About Hillary Clinton

December 28, 2017
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  1. Jay says:

    Wow, talk about a fluff piece. How about mentioning the numerous scandals? Or the fact that she embezzled all that Haiti money?

    1. Ross says:

      Fluff piece? There are a number of embarrassing things in this list.

      The reason they don’t mention “scandals” is because many of them are little more than conspiracy theories for the gullible to be politically manipulated with, and are not relevent to anything least of all a list of facts.

      1. Qz says:

        How about her million dollar speeches for big banks? How about her deleted emails? Hacking of the DNC primary? How about the billions in bribes to the clinton foundation? How about lying about the Ben ghazi attack? How about the clinton body count? Kennedy junior suddenly crashing into the sea? Destroying the blackberry phones she used with hammers, essentially destroying the evidence? Every male around her is involved in sexual crimes? The podesta email leaks?

        1. Bruce Rauner says:

          The President is all kissy-face with murderous thug Vladimir Putin, lunatic despot Kim Jong-un, admires the mass killer Duterte in Philippines, and dozens of Trump staffers booted from the White House after failing security checks and you whine about a fake email server scandal.

    2. huehuehue says:

      Agreed. The Haiti mention is especially hilarious.

      1. liz lamothe says:

        right. Hilarious.

    3. fritoz says:

      deplorables like Jay just gotta be deplorable I guess

  2. TDSgal says:

    Little known FACT not a conspiracy theory but definitely a conspiracy is CHINAGATE- the most serious scandal in US history.


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