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14 Interesting Facts About Hillary Clinton

Here are 14 Interesting Hillary Clinton facts.

1-5 Hillary Clinton Facts

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1.  During a visit to Egypt in 2012, Hillary Clinton was pelted with tomatoes and shoes, while the protesters chanted “Monica, Monica”. – Source

2. Hillary Clinton was president of Young Republicans in college. – Source

3.  Hillary Clinton and Bill honeymooned in Haiti for their wedding in 1975. Since then, they felt a special connection with the country and Clinton has been credited for prioritizing Haiti more than any other modern president. – Source

4. While campaigning in southern states Hillary Clinton would adopt a southern drawl. – Source

5. Hillary Clinton turned $1000 into nearly $100,000 through trading in the cattle futures market. – Source

6-10 Hillary Clinton Facts

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6. Hillary Clinton rejected Bill’s marriage proposals for two years before finally agreeing to marry him. – Source

7. The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is in Pulaski Arkansas, and its official airport code is KLIT. – Source

8. Hillary Clinton won the Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for the audio recording of her book “It Takes a Village.” – Source

9. Hillary Clinton’s friendship as First Lady with former mentor Jean Houston ended after Bob Woodward revealed in a 1996 book that Houston helped Clinton hold imaginary conversations with her hero Eleanor Roosevelt. One of the conversations was taped and her critics called it “Wackygate.” – Source

10. When Hillary Clinton met mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary in 1995 in Nepal, she said to the press that her mother had named her after the famed climber. Sir Edmund Hillary became famous in 1953. Hillary Clinton, however, was born in 1947. In 2006, she said the story was a family myth. – Source

11-14 Hillary Clinton Facts

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11. Hillary Clinton was the first woman elected to the New York Senate. She was also the first woman to be made a full partner of Rose Law Firm. – Source

12. Shortly before she married Bill Clinton in 1975, Hillary tried to join the Marines, probably to make a political statement. – Source

13. In 1988 and 1991, The National Law Journal named Hillary one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in America. – Source

14. Hillary Clinton served on the boards of both TCBY and Walmart. – Source


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    • Fluff piece? There are a number of embarrassing things in this list.

      The reason they don’t mention “scandals” is because many of them are little more than conspiracy theories for the gullible to be politically manipulated with, and are not relevent to anything least of all a list of facts.

      • How about her million dollar speeches for big banks? How about her deleted emails? Hacking of the DNC primary? How about the billions in bribes to the clinton foundation? How about lying about the Ben ghazi attack? How about the clinton body count? Kennedy junior suddenly crashing into the sea? Destroying the blackberry phones she used with hammers, essentially destroying the evidence? Every male around her is involved in sexual crimes? The podesta email leaks?

        • The President is all kissy-face with murderous thug Vladimir Putin, lunatic despot Kim Jong-un, admires the mass killer Duterte in Philippines, and dozens of Trump staffers booted from the White House after failing security checks and you whine about a fake email server scandal.


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