History Lesson – Part 1: Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition

January 31, 2016
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  1. adrian says:

    Beer here !

  2. aaron says:

    Now the alcohol lobbyists are the new mafia, trying to keep cannabis illegal. And the government thinks it has the right to dictate what level of consciousness we can attain, and how people choose to attain it. Outlawing plants and natural chemicals.
    DMT is a natural by product of seratonin synthesis, but is a schedule one hallucinogen. The list goes on and on. But good citizens must drink only coffee and soft drinks all week to stay productive. Then beer and liquor on the weekend to forget that we’re all slaves to the government
    And dont eat any Mescaline cacti or sacred fungi that are relatively safe compared to ethanol, because if you see the beauty and profundity of the world you might start having ideas that are dangerous to the State….rant, rant, rant…

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