Horrors of History – Part 7: Joseph Stalin & The Gulag Camps

September 19, 2015
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  1. Christian says:

    Where’s the puppies?

  2. Feanor says:

    Your facts need checking. Common numbers attributed to the famine are ~3 million not 7-10. Stalin was less a dictator and more of a Byzantine-style emperor, atop a complicated power structure. Robert Conquest does a good job of looking at some of its inner workings. Phrases like “anyone who wasn’t starving was punished” are patently wrong. Clearly not ANYONE who wasn’t starving was punished. The entire article reads like an anti-Stalin rant, probably by someone who has personal family history tied up in the issue. From a factual stand point, this is garbage.

  3. Ken Joyce says:

    Only a moron argues about death tolls. The only known m*rons that do this are LEFT and represent
    the ongoing global cover-up of LEFTIST crimes against humanity. The FACT remains the the LEFT
    had already MURDERED countless numbers of human beings when Hitler was still painting pictures. The fact is that HITLER was a response to the threat of Socio-Communism as Marx and Engels professed the use of subversion, espionage, violence and murder 72 YEARS before the term “Fascism” was coined by Mussolini and 83 Years before Hitler came to power. The Holocaust was BASED on prior atrocities committed by Socio-Communist’s. The Nazi’s and Communism ARE BOTH FASCIST and both EVIL. It is ridiculous to argue which was worse based on a body count!!!

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