How could Germany lose two World Wars and still is one of the wealthiest country?

August 13, 2015
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  1. Kibu says:

    “In particular, the Germans wrote the book on blitzkrieg and tank warfare, which proved instrumental.”

    Sorry Oddee. This is a myth. The whole idea behind the blitzkreig tactic was written by a British armor commander who first pointed out the potential for using the tank to conduct decisive thrusts into enemy territory. J.F.C. Fuller, Chief of Staff of the British Tank Corps, spelled out his ideas for using coordinated armor, air power and mobile infantry and artillery forces in his books Reformation of War, published in 1923 and Foundation of the Science of War, published in 1928. Fuller’s work was largely ignored in Britain, but was studied by German commanders such as Erwin Rommel.

    Furthermore, the whole “Blitzkreig” tactic really wasn’t used often in World War Two. In fact, there’s only two times where it was reportedly used. First in the advance into Poland, and second, in the events leading up to the Dunkirk evacuation.

    1. Kibu says:

      Not oddee, Kickassfacts. Similar pages 😛

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