In 2022, the world faced an enormous number of challenges and difficulties. The world’s crisis and a large-scale war affected all the spheres and the crisis is felt in every corner of the world. The crypto market was not an exception, and its charts prove it. In the spring of 2022, the first crypto collapse took place. Amid the looming crisis, investing incentives were reduced, plus the war, plus FED’s rates increased, and other factors resulted in crypto live prices massive drop in a matter of just a few days. Following the market leader Bitcoin, all other coins lost their value significantly.

In November, the market got another strike after the negative news about the FTX crypto exchange, which used to be a large and credible platform for futures trading. Wrapping up, here are the factors that impact crypto exchanges rates:

  • The market trend
  • News background
  • Investors sentiment
  • Global economy, inflation
  • Issues with specific crypto platforms that cause massive funds outflow.

How to Calculate Cryptocurrency Live Price?

To receive the price of a digital coin, find its market capitalisation and divide it by the total number of coins that are in circulation now. Market capitalisation indicates the total value of all coins released and put in circulation.

Trade volume is another important indicator for a crypto asset, showing the total number of transactions made with coins within one day or any other specified period. The bigger the trade volume indicator, the bigger the demand for the asset.

An easier way to check out coins’ price, cap, and trade volume is to visit a popular resource like Coinmarketcap or use any large crypto platform, for example, WhiteBIT. You will find charts for every digital asset, analyze it and draw conclusions on this or that coin.

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Last Update: December 28, 2022