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  1. Cassie says:

    Bananas are a tropical fruit and absolutely should not be stored in a fridge. Chilling them only serves to brown them faster. Ideally, they should hang from a hook under a cabinet or from a banana stand on a counter. Also, keep onions away from other produce (especially potatoes) as they off-gas and make everything near them go bad faster. Roots like carrots and potatoes can actually be stored for longer periods in a bin in the ground in many regions. Just cover the top with a straw bale to prevent freezing in cold climates.

    Also, title guy exaggerated; this infographic is not complete. Where’s the avacado, for example?

    1. R. Rosby says:

      They do make the occasional mistake. I wish there was a way of specifically notifying them of an error; a while ago they posted on keeping fish and mentioned that a certain tropical fish can be kept in cold water without a heater (which would in fact drastically shorten its lifespan). I know this site’s only run by a few guys and everybody makes mistakes, but that makes it even more important that there be a QUICK way to notify them when they get things wrong.

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