How to Track Text Messages without Installing on Target Phone

Apple and other big names in the industry boast of the powerful security system they have built into their mobile devices. But parents and people concerned about the safety of their loved ones are finding ways to monitor their phones, including text messages. So let’s discuss several methods of how you can conduct a free SMS spy online without target phone. 

1. Set Up an SMS Tracking App

The most popular method is using an SMS tracking application to keep track of incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages. However, such applications, also called spyware, track and record everything happening on the phone, including phone calls, text messages, social media activity, and geolocation. 

The installation process for such software on iOS and Android mobile devices is different. First, to install an app on an Android phone, you need physical access to it. Then, after installing the application, you can remove its icon from the menu and keep its existence a secret. 

Unlike Android devices, iPhone allows you to install spyware remotely. But you must know the target phone’s iCloud credentials. Then open your spyware account and register the device with the iCloud username and password. The software may also ask you to enter a one-time verification code to confirm the connection. 

2. Use the Phone’s Native Features

The second option is more difficult to implement as you need to access the target phone physically. Moreover, this option only works for iPhones.

  • To get started, you should go to the settings of the target phone and find the “Messages” option. 
  • Here you can see several submenus that allow you to customize various aspects of the messages. Tap the “Send and Receive” option. 
  • You should now be able to see the target phone’s Apple ID and the option to add another ID. Click “Add am Email” and enter your Apple ID. 

After saving and confirming the change, the phone will forward all incoming messages to you. Thus, now you will be able to monitor all messages of the target device without installing a third-party application. 

3. Sync Messages

This method mainly applies to iPhones, but some Android devices also have this functionality. First, to sync messages, you must know the Apple ID credentials of the target phone. Then enter the username and password on your phone and access the target user’s Apple ID. After logging in, you will start receiving all the messages the target phone receives. But this method has a small drawback. Once your phones are synced, the target user will receive your text messages.

4. Backup and Restore

The backup and restore option is time-consuming and inflexible. First, you must access the target phone and request a backup of all its data, including text messages. Then, depending on your device’s settings, it should automatically upload your backup files to Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud.

Next, you should download the backup files to your device and restore the data. In addition to other files and information, you can also recover all messages, including deleted ones. 

5. Clone Phone Data

Cloning the target phone data is the fifth method of tracking someone’s messages. This is the most complicated and tricky method as phone data cloning involves various tools and even some programming. Here are some options for cloning phone data:

  • Using Bluetooth cloning tools: The app detects the security vulnerabilities of the target phone and uses them to access it without owner confirmation. 
  • Cloning the SIM card: The method requires technical knowledge and some programming. 
  • Using a third-party app to transfer the data: These apps duplicate the content of the target device and send it to the recipient. 


So, even if mobile phone manufacturers claim to have strong security systems in place, there is always a way to snoop on other people’s text messages. If the options in this article don’t work for you, check out for better methods. 


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Last Update: July 5, 2022