11. Literally just been cuddling with the cat all day. So far so good.

– Cococurante

12. Cool because almost none of my teachers are here.

– JS2471

13. Amazing, I got a girlfriend.

– Ugly-Chonk

14. I’m super anxious.

My daughter is dancing with her team at a big event (NBA Basketball game) and a lot of little details are getting messed up or are not in order.

– Hoorayforkate128

15. I had sex ???

– Bushboiwilly

16. I’ve had severe depression and alcohol dependency for the past 2 years. My new doctor just told me if I don’t stop drinking, then I won’t live to see 40. I’m 29.

Today I realized that I do love myself, and it took hitting rock bottom to finally realize that.

With that being said, today was a good day because this is the day that saved my life.

– Moonwomb

17. Good until I woke up.

– GreenMasque

18. Anxiety crisis in the middle of work.

– NellieChapper

19. I have the flu 🙁

– littlegreen94

20. Pretty bad.

– exeosmeme

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