Back in the early 80s, when we thought of the future, it was filled with flying cars and sky-high complexes and trains running at the speed of light. While we have made the sky-high buildings a reality, there are few things that remain beyond our reach. At the same time, we are inching closer to modes of transport faster than ever before.

In this fast-moving, techno-loving world the major focus has been acquired by speedier and faster transport. And many nations and billion-dollar evaluation industries are burning money to achieve that goal. One of the many proposed modes of transport that are attracting big monies is the Hyperloop.

While speaking of such out of the box innovation Tesla Motors is the company that comes to mind?

The electricity-based innovation industry had first pitched its idea of the Hyperloop back in 2013. Hyperloop is a project that promises a system of sealed tubes where pods running at about 600-700 miles per/hour will carry passengers and cargo by overcoming air resistance.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Hyperloop:

  1. The journey is meant to be in a low-pressure tube, in which a capsule will move at a tremendous speed! So, your long-distance love can be just a 30 minutes ride away!
  2. The hyperloop is meant to reach speeds greater than airplanes. And, it is expected to exert a 0.5 G-force causing nausea which might become gross at times.
  3. The project is to be powered completely by solar energy. The electricity endeavors of Tesla Motors is truly revolutionary.
  4. Power cuts, traffic, and earthquakes won’t affect the journey. Sadly, excuses will cease to exist.
  5. Elon Musk says that it will be a kind of roller coaster ride but only horizontal. Well according to me, this horizontal roller coaster will take some time getting used to.
  6. It is expected that the pipes of hyperloop can get elongated by 50m on every 100km route. Just to give you an idea of the scale, the elongation tends to be about the height of The Arc de Triomphe. Massive isn’t it!
  7. The concept revolves around magnetic levitation and air cushion. If you find these concepts cool, let us know their real-world application in the comments below.
  8. It is estimated that the Hyperloop will be built at 1/10th of the cost of normal train networks existing in the USA.
  9. SpaceX held a competition for building the Hyperloop and more than 700 teams tried their hands on the technology and 22 got selected to design and build the hardware.
  10. It is economically viable. The cost of travel is estimated to be as cheap as 20 dollars for an approximate 900 km journey. Calm down before you start packing your bags.

It’s still a theory and is expected to be ready for the public by 2030. The fact that it has not yet been implemented with humans is a downside. What if you are offered to become the first human to use Hyperloop. Will you grab the opportunity? Let us know what you think about Hyperloop.

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Last Update: January 25, 2020