21. The biggest thing I miss is just being able to sit and relax/work at coffee shops.

– plsnotjames

22. Would have gone to a taping of American ninja warrior, gone ziplining in Indiana, traveled to Iceland.

– Its_a_Mara-thon

23. GOTTEN MARRIED as planned.

– mochimanatee06

24. I would’ve spent my six months exploring Mexico during my gap year actually exploring Mexico rather than every corner of my apartment in Mexico…

– yourmeanestfriend

25. I beat cancer last year. This was supposed to be my f**k cancer travel year before going back to work. In April I was taking my dad to Iceland with me for a nerd convention. After that, I was going to take our 4×4 truck and spend 3mo or more on the road. Visiting national parks, museums, sightseeing, camping. I just some west coast in Feb to mid-march.

– Hakerius

26. We were supposed to take our kids to Disney World in April. We’ve been saving and planning for that trip for two years.

– ialbertson90

27. Before COVID hit, I accepted a job across the country being a rock climbing instructor for a boy scout camp. I put in my notice, moved in with my BF’s family for the few weeks leading up to moving to the camp. Everything fell through. Lost the old job and the new one never started. Moved out of the house I was renting. Drained my savings in the move and subsequent months. Now I’ve started IT courses online(realized I love tech, and fixing tech), lost 20lbs, and my bf and I are planning to start living on the road full time(RV life).

Life has never gone the way I planned. Not once, but I’m kind of happy with what I’m aiming for now.

– throwaway221237

28. COVID caused me to pick up golf and I found not only a hidden talent but a hidden love!

– TrenchFoot31

29. I was scheduled to start my 6 weeks residential PTSD program in May. It is now closed indefinitely.

Lost my father late April, I imagine I’d still be able to speak with him now if no virus…

– cakean123

30. Trips to California, Bali, and Spain. I’d have woken up on my birthday in Yosemite National park and gone to sleep in Napa Valley. I frickin hate COVID. I thought the 12 months previous to March were sh*t…

– thatgirlatno13

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