11. Sexually abusing children punishable by death.

– JcomatoseReborn

12. Instead of war politicians have to end their arguments with a Yugioh duel that is streamed worldwide.

– tripztf2

13. 3 days of work, 2 of relaxation, 2 of learning more things, hobbies, languages or whatever.

– walletdry_sendhelp

14. Treat others how you want to be treated.

– Meow0S

15. Owning other humans as property is illegal.

– 292014

16. When you’re done with the weights, re-rack them!

– Spherical3D

17. For every hour you post on Social Media your political opinions, you need to spend an hour listening to the counter-argument.

– IamAWorldChampionAMA

18. Stop. Polluting.

– temujin-1

19. Chew with your mouth shut.

– ColoradoSpringstein

20. You are not allowed to report something you know to be false as news, or publicly promote purposely misleading information. Everything must be fact-checked before reporting, and opinion pieces are not allowed in print or broadcast that is interpreted as news.

– ECAstu

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