11. Make every shot in basketball.

– Fat_thor74

12. Honestly, I’d have a hands free morning wank.

– MRkingLA

13. Give myself the remote without moving from the couch. Just like I would pretend to do as a kid.

– CartierGucciScarf55

14. Slightly turn a statue like the statue of liberty day by day by a certain degree until somebody starts to notice and then rinse and repeat on other famous statues…

– Maxdola

15. Probably just make my life easier, forgot to close the fridge? Shut it with my mind, forgot to close a door? Fixed! And other useless sh*t.

– leafbou

16. Go to a casino – Flip all the roulette, blackjack, craps tables simultaneously – Profit.

– snowynuggets

17. Mess with my co-workers. Move objects a few inches to the left or right of where they left them. Things like that.

– JTaylor_MountRoyal

18. Place phone camera facing the back of my head, cast the live stream to my TV. Then use my new ability to control a pair of scissors to cut the hair on the back of my head.

– frog_at_well_bottom

19. I would use it to make my movement a little harder. So my muscles will get use to it and I get stronger. It is good practice for new power too.

– HorCsaba

20. Use it to move people 1.5 meters, 6 feet, or one alligator away from me, whatever your preferred method of measurement is.

– 5DsOfDodgeball

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