21. I’d try to get on America’s got talent. I’d go on doing a singing routine, and when they start to give me the red x’s, that’s when I’d start LEVITATING OVER THE F-ING STAGE.

– Saminjutsu

22. Tap that one friend on his other shoulder without having to move my hand over there.

– ToToTroller

23. Day to day it would be a third arm. I would use it to move around my mouse so that I can work faster by not having to get my hands off of the keyboard.

– peppersge

24. Get rich ASF.

– King0286

25. Massage my shoulders and back.

– Glibbityglob

26. Establish how small units of matter I can move. With practice moving protons, neutrons, and electrons around to create valuable elements (platinum) from invaluable ones (carbon). Make complex molecules the world has never seen before! Like solid-state graphene matrix for batteries. Bucky-balls that contain drugs that can be time-released and cross the blood-brain barrier. Make kids fall off bikes… maaan I could watch that all day.

– Woodrowmcgee

27. If push that sh*t to the limit.

Can I lift heavy things?

Can I push over an abandoned building and lift up its pile of rubble?

Can I ‘feel’ things with my mind or do I perceive them with other senses? Could I use the ability to remote view things?

Then I’d try interesting things…

Can I make a shield by preventing atoms from moving through it?

Could I create a volume of air for myself and be in space or underwater?

Can I move myself? How fast?

I’m an engineer. It’s time to build a f**king space ship.

– Machismo01

28. I wouldn’t. I don’t want the Foundation after me.

– GingerMcGinginII

29. Fap without using my hands.

– whoami13072003

30. I would take coronavirus and push it out of the world.

– oopsboop

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