Some of the oldest and most popular games on the planet include a deck of playing cards. But how many people have actually considered the history of playing cards and the quirky facts that may surround them? Well, we have, and we’ve found some interesting facts that you can check out below.

There Wasn’t Always 52 Cards In A Deck

Playing cards have been around for centuries, and games involving them have been too. But did you know that while every deck has fifty-two cards included as standard today, it hasn’t always been the case? Over the years, decks have included any number of cards, from just twenty-four up to forty-eight and then fifty-two. It’s thought fifty-two became the norm because it was the standard number in France, with British and French colonialism playing a role.

Decks Are Regularly Changed At Land-Based Casinos

You may not think it, but decks in use at land-based casinos in places such as Las Vegas are switched out regularly. And we don’t mean at the close of play; we mean around the twelve-hour mark. And, talking of marks, this is one of the reasons why decks are switched out, as it prevents distinguishing marks on cards from working against casinos and in favour of players. Land-based venues must incur a substantial cost based on how many decks of cards they go through, which isn’t a problem for long standing trusted casinos online.

USPCC Control The Playing Card Market

People will likely look at the playing card market, see an array of cards, and think they must all be made by different suppliers. However, for anyone who takes their playing cards seriously, and at land-based casinos especially, the name to look out for is the United States Playing Card Company, or USPCC for short. They dominate the market and supply most of the playing cards to casinos and beyond around the globe. While there are other card suppliers out there, none are held in the same regard as USPCC.

You’ll Find The Oldest Deck Of Cards In New York City

As we mentioned earlier, and as everyone will know, card games have been around for centuries. And, therefore, so have playing cards. The oldest known deck of cards is from the mid-fifteenth century, and they’re from the Netherlands. In many ways, this unique deck of cards is iconic and remains in perfect condition. For anyone who wants to see the deck in person, they can do so by visiting New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. A collector who purchased the deck for around $3,000 in the 1970s was the one to sell it to the museum for over $140,000 years later.

Playing cards may not initially seem like the most exciting thing on the planet. But their history, and the fact they’ve been around for centuries, means that there’s still a lot of exciting stuff we don’t know about them. We’re still scratching the surface, although the facts above offer some insight.

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Last Update: January 19, 2023