40 Interesting Facts About Ireland

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  1. Amerigo says:

    4. It’s “Prawo Jazdy”, not “Prawo Jadzy”.

  2. THAT guy says:

    I have lived in Belfast and I have lived in Cork. To see facts pop up about Northern Ireland in a list which is about Ireland is weird, if not insulting to the residents.

    While they may share roots and are on the same island, there are great differences between the two. They handle different kinds of money, different mentality, different governments, etc.

    It’s pretty much like reading a list of facts about the US and having facts about Mexico and Canada in it.

    1. Me says:

      Technically, Ireland refers to the entire island. It is not “40 Interesting Facts About the Republic of Ireland”. Granted, the first image is the ROI flag.

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