You might remember Jeffrey Dahmer from Netflix’s “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” which first aired in 2022. Before that, not many people, certainly not Gen-Zs (on a lighter note), knew about this dreaded serial killer. Those who did had probably forgotten about his horrific acts.

Aside from killing his victims and putting their families into endless agony, Jeffrey took the serial killing business to another level. From necrophilia to cannibalism and dismembering, he did it all. Here are some interesting (with a touch of horror) facts you probably didn’t know about Jeffrey Dahmer:

1. Jeffrey Killed His First Victim after Graduating High School

There are no indications that Jeffrey Dahmer had a troubled childhood. Aside from, maybe, his parents constantly fighting, the stage was set up for him to become anything. Over time, Jeffrey started dissociating himself from other people. He became tensed and disengaged.

Jeffrey began drinking alcohol when he was 14. Before long, he became a full-blown addict. His life was on a downward spiral. Jeffrey’s first victim, Steven Hicks, came only 3 weeks after he graduated high school. On June 18 1978, he walked into a bar, lured his first kill to his grandma’s house, and killed him.

Jeffrey had unlocked a Pandora’s Box at this point, and there was no turning back. Even though it took him 9 years to make his second kill, it was always a matter of time.

2. He Briefly Served in the Military

In the same year Jeffrey killed his first victim, his father remarried. After noticing Jeffrey was wasting his life away with alcohol, his father insisted he join the military. In December 1978, Jeffrey finally enlisted and was posted to Germany shortly after.

Jeffrey’s drinking problem didn’t reduce even after joining the army. If anything, the situation worsened. He was discharged in 1981. Some murders happened within the base when Dahmer enlisted, but there have never been direct connections between the two.

3. He Was Baptized While in Prison

After his conviction and ultimate sentencing in 1992, Jeffrey had no option but to adapt to prison life. In fact, he did so well that he became religious. At first, the authorities segregated him from the other inmates. You can understand this because, you know, his track record with people was not the best.

However, Jeffrey “found Jesus” while in prison and chose to “change his ways.” He convinced the authorities that he was fit to mingle with others. As it turns out, this was a wrong move, leading to his murder not long after.

Ironically, the person who killed Jeffrey, Cristopher Scarver, said God told him to do so. He also said the guards allowed him to kill Dahmer, leaving them unmanned alone.

4. Jeffrey Tried Something New with Every Victim

When killing his victims didn’t thrill him enough, Jeffrey experimented with different things. Like drugs, the more he killed, the more he yearned for more – the same portion was insufficient. For instance, when he lured and killed Edward Smith, Jeffrey cut his head, removed his skull, and put it in an oven.

In his confession, Jeffrey says he wanted to dry the skull quicker. He goes on to lament that his only regret is he didn’t get to keep anything from his latest victim’s body. As for Errol Lindsey, Dahmer’s 11th victim, the perpetrator drilled the victim’s head while still alive.

Jeffrey tried everything with his victims. From having sex with the corpses to dismembering them, masturbating on the bodies, and taking suggestive photos, he did anything he could think of.

5. He Disliked Legal Help

If it were up to him, Jeffrey would seek legal help. This is evident because he jumped at the idea every time he had the power to waive the power and right of representation. For instance, when he was finally arrested for killing 17 people, he waived his right to an attorney and confessed.

However, he recanted all that during the hearing and entered a guilty with an insanity plea. This is a type of plea that someone would make with the aid of a professional.

6. Milwaukee Businessmen Destroyed Jeffrey’s “Souvenirs”

After Jeffrey died in prison, the people of Milwaukee, where Jeffrey came from and committed most of his crimes, denounced him. They bought every “souvenir” associated with Jeffrey and burned them. These included blades, handcuffs, refrigerators, and saws.

In 2012, Chris Butler, the owner of the place where Jeffrey’s remains were buried, put it up for sale. However, it seems no one could “get past the horror factor,” so the place remains Butler’s to date.

7. Not Everyone Affected by Jeffrey’s Actions Was Pleased with His Death

Usually, you would expect the friends and families of murder victims would be happy if the perpetrator also died. This was not the case for Catherine Lacy, the mother to Oliver Lacy, one of Dahmer’s victims. In her account, Dahmer’s death brought her no closure.

She stated that she felt the contrary: she felt more hurt because she was still suffering while Dahmer was not.

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