The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they hear Spanish La Liga is the intense rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid, and rightfully so. However, that is not all the league offers. If anything, many iconic players are or have been associated with La Liga, Including Brazil’s superstar Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Andres Iniesta. The league has produced the most Ballon d’Or (soccer’s/football’s most prestigious individual award) and continues to attract top talent worldwide. Founded in 1929, over 62 teams have competed in the Spanish top men’s soccer/football league. For fans, here are some amazing facts about Spanish La Liga that you probably didn’t know.

1. Real Madrid Has Won the Most La Liga Titles

As of 2024, Real Madrid has won the most Spanish La Liga titles – they have triumphed a whopping 35 times. Nicknamed “Los Blancos”, meaning The Whites, it is unsurprising that Real Madrid is the most decorated Spanish team (it had to be them or Barcelona). The club has thrived on signing galacticos (players deemed superstars), an approach that has worked perfectly for them. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are also among the most decorated La Liga teams.

2. Barcelona Won the First La Liga Title

While Real Madrid has won the most La Liga titles, Barcelona boasts of winning the inaugural championship when the league was founded in 1929. This set the club on a path to becoming one of the best teams not only in Spain but Europe as a whole.

3. La Liga was the Best Soccer/Football League in Europe from 2013 to 2019

According to UEFA rankings, La Liga was the top league in Europe from 2013 to 2019. During this 5-season period, either Barcelona or Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League, Super Cup, and Europa League. Also, during this period, La Liga had the highest number of players who won the Ballon d’Or, UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, and the Best FIFA Men’s Player Awards. This is a terrific stat, considering the English Premier League often boasts of being the best.

4. La Liga Football Club Getafe Released an Adult Video to Increase Ticket Sales

In 2011, La Liga’s Getafe FC released an adult-themed video to increase ticket sales. In the footage, a donor scheduled to give his bodily fluids collects a plastic cup and is given an adult film to help him get the job done. Interestingly, the video the donor was given was called “Zombies Calientes del Getafe,” translating to Hot Zombies of Getafe. The half-naked zombies talked about how important it is to get Getafe back on track. It was clear what the team was trying to do and hoped to achieve.

5. Jude Bellingham is the Most Expensive La Liga Player

According to the Transfer Market, England’s sensational wonder kid Jude Bellingham is officially the most expensive La Liga Player – his market value is €180 million. Jude, who currently plays for Real Madrid, has proven beyond measurable doubt that he is one of the best players in the world through his performances. Brazilian Vinicius Junior, who also plays for Real Madrid, is rated second with a market value of €150 million. Real Madrid players take all the top 5 spots.

6. Lionel Messi Holds the Record for the Most La Liga Hat-Tricks and Assists

Only two players have scored more than 23 hat-tricks in the entire La Liga history. Newly crowned World Cup Winner Lionel Messi is the first with 36 La Liga hat-tricks, while Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is second with 34. Lionel Messi leads La Liga’s assists leaderboard with 193 goals.

7. Joseba Llorente Scored the Fastest Goal in La Liga

In January 2008, Joseba Llorente scored the fastest goal in La Liga history after only 7.82 seconds. He scored for Real Valladolid while playing against Espanyol.

8. Barcelona Holds the Record for the Highest La Liga Match Attendance

In Spain, every sporting record, including the number of fans a team attracts, is usually fiercely contested between Real Madrid and Barcelona. However, in the 2022-2023 season, Barcelona attracted 83,000 people to the Camp Nou, shattering the record for the highest La Liga match attendance. The Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid’s iconic stadium, attracted 56,644 fans, allowing Barcelona to win that battle by a country mile. Be as it may, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid are Spain’s three most popular teams with loyal fan bases.

9. Andoni Zubizarreta Has the Most La Liga Appearances in History

While you might be forgiven to think Lionel Messi has the highest La Liga appearance in history, the title goes to goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta. Before retiring in 1998, Andoni had made 620 game appearances after playing for Valencia, Barcelona, and Athletic Bilbao. Lionel Messi made 520 La Liga appearances, scoring 474 goals, while Cristiano Ronaldo featured in 292 matches, netting 311 goals.

10. Luka Romero was the Youngest Player in the La Liga

As of 2024, Spanish youngster Lamine Yamal is one of La Liga’s talked-about stars, mainly because he is only 16. Surprisingly, he is not the youngest player to feature in La Liga; Luka Romero is. Romero debuted when he was 15 years and 7 months old, making him the youngest La Liga player in history.

11. Real Madrid Has Scored the Most Goals in a Single La Liga Match in the 21st Century

On December 20, 2015, Real Madrid broke the record for scoring the most goals in a single La Liga game in the 21st Century. Real Madrid scored ten goals against Rayo Vallecano’s two goals.

12. Sergio Ramos Has Received the Highest Number of Red Cards in La Liga

Former Spanish International defender Sergio Ramos is undeniably one of the most iconic defenders in La Liga history. However, he is also famous for his angry temperament – he has 21 La Liga red cards to show for it, the highest of any player in La Liga History.

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