11. There’s a glitch where you can skip straight to the end by clipping through the fence of a bridge and jumping. Needs to be patched.

– kaykay5504

12. The DLC is far too expensive.

– SizzOfTheXRK

13. It’s full of micro-transactions that you need to buy to advance in the game!

– StanMarsh01

14. The respawn mechanic needs to be updated.

– AStupidNumberName

15. The tutorial is too long and doesn’t really teach us the basics.

– dis

16. The difficulty is way too high.

– turtleXD

17. It’s pay to win.

– Astromachine

18. Why can’t the more peaceful bunch have a safety zone?

– adanipse

19. Every now and then my character will start crying and I can’t stop them for hours.

– phental

20. I didn’t agree to appear in the game Can I sue?

– Jesusjunior00

21. Zero tech support from the developer.

– EugeneAegis

22. No cheat codes.

– justquestions69

23. Why is cheese so expensive?

– notmebutmaybeme1987

24. The devs should really buff the average IQ of all human characters.

– MontaigneInHisTower

25. All the pokemon aren’t in this game, either.

– LordRendall

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