Life is full of surprises; it’s impossible to know when and where one may run into danger or an accident. However, while it’s true that there is nothing much we can do about most situations, some are preventable. The following tips can help you remain safe in potentially life-threatening scenarios.

1. Avoid Colorful Animals

The more colorful an animal is, the higher the chances of it being poisonous. Based on evolution patterns, mother nature has a way of notifying its creatures of their surroundings. A typical example is when it comes to colorful animals; most of the time, they are usually poisonous.

2. Stay Closer to the Ground When Existing a Burning Building

In a burning building, the breathable air goes to the bottom of the floor. Stay as close to the ground as possible to ensure you get access to oxygen.

3. Never Suck Venom from a Snakebite

If a snake bites someone, carry them to the nearest medical facility for help. Sucking the venom out of the bite puts you at a higher risk of dying.

4. Run If a Tornado Appears Not to Be Moving

If a tornado seems to be standing still, it means it is coming towards you. The best thing to do in such a situation is to run and find shelter.

5. Run If the Water Starts Receding from the Beach

Whenever water recedes from a beach or appears further than usual, that could signal an incoming tornado.

6. Describe the Details of Your Taxi or Uber if the Driver is Acting Suspicious

If you suspect that a taxi or Uber driver is up to no good, phone a friend or loved one and describe the details of the taxi in a non-threatening way. For instance, one might say, “I am arriving in a 2019 blue Corolla. Can you meet me outside?”. Such a conversation will strike fear in the driver’s mind, and they may not pull off what they were planning.

7. Always Close the Peephole in a Hotel Room Door

Most peepholes work one way. However, in some hotels, they may work both ways. Always close the peephole in hotel doors using tissue paper or any other viable item to ensure privacy.

8. Refrain from Using Weapons Unless Necessary

Weapons such as guns and knives can quickly escalate a scenario that would have been solved easily. Not only are weapons dangerous for the other person, but they can also be used against the carrier. Unless necessary, weapons should never be removed in an argument or altercation. One can use pepper spray or other less harmful self-defense objects.

9. Keep Car Keys Next to the Bed

There may not be enough time to reach the home system alarm in case of a break-in. But if the car keys are close by, they can be used to trigger the car alarm, thus alerting the neighbors.

10. Don’t Walk Down the Stairs with Hands in the Pockets

Pocketing while walking down the stairs is dangerous because it will be impossible to catch or clasp onto something in case of a trip and fall.

11. Water is the First Thing to Look for When Lost in the Woods

It’s normal for one to panic when lost in the woods. However, instead of looking for help, the first thing that needs to be identified is a water source. Remember, humans can go for days without food, but it only takes three to five days to die from dehydration.

12. Trust Your Gut

This may seem cliché, but trusting one’s gut can come in handy in a life-and-death scenario. The subconscious mind is programmed to pick up on warning signs that the conscious mind may not comprehend. Therefore, if your gut warns you about something, do not ignore it.

13. Never Eat Snow

Snow contains bacteria that can make people sick, so consuming it is unhealthy. Also, snow requires a lot of energy to melt. If ingested, it may make the body more dehydrated.

14. Never Run Away from a Mountain Lion or Bear

Running makes the mountain lion perceive you as prey. Given that a human can’t outrun such an animal, the best solution in this scenario is to back away calmly while staring at it in the eyes. If it starts moving closer, throw stones and sticks at it while maintaining a more prominent posture. This also applies to mountain bears.

15. Never Pull a Stabbed Object from a Person

Pulling a stabbed object from the victim may cause them to bleed out quickly, minimizing their chances of survival. Instead, leave the object there and apply pressure on the victim’s wound on both sides. Having them lie down with their feet raised higher is also advisable.

16. Never Leave Drinks Unattended at the Bar

Even if it’s a solo night out, always have the bartender keep an eye on drinks when using the restroom. Leaving a drink unattended might attract kidnappers, rapists, or even serial killers who can spike it while you are away. Also, do not continue drinking if a beer or cocktail tastes unusually salty. That implies it could’ve been laced with GHB.

17. Never Turn on the Lights If You Smell Gas

If woken up by the smell of gas at night, turning on the lights should be the last thing to do. The spark from a light can trigger a fire.

18. Condoms Can Be Used to Store Water

Lube-less condoms make perfect DIY water storage. If one is stuck or lost in the woods and they have the products, filling them with drinking water can be lifesaving. Note that they have an elastic point, so overfilling can be counterproductive.

19. Know Your Location before Calling 911

When calling an emergency line, make sure that you are aware of the exact location. Without a location, it will be difficult for rescuers to access you.

20. Take Four Right Turns If You Think Someone is Following You

If you are walking and suspect someone is trailing you, take four right turns. This will help you confirm if, indeed, you are being trailed (taking four right turns means you have gone in a circle). After confirmation, notify the authorities immediately.

21. Avoid Using the Phone When Walking

According to studies, the human brain isn’t programmed to handle heavy tasks simultaneously. This is why walking while being on the phone can be dangerous. It is impossible to spot oncoming vehicles or obstacles that can lead to serious accidents.

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Last Update: May 13, 2024