Unlike breakfast or dinner, lunches are often overlooked, making them less popular. They are usually lighter, less formal, and some people even skip them. However, lunch is one of the most important meals of the day; it gives you the fuel to drive through the remaining part of the day. Lunches also make great date ideas or opportunities to interact with friends and family. If you are the type that has never given lunch much thought, here are some surprising facts you may have never known about it.

1. Queen Elizabeth Would Have Gin, Chocolate, and Wine for Lunch

The royal chef disclosed that Queen Elizabeth II would have a gin and Dubonnet with lots of ice before lunch. She would then have some chocolate and wash it with a glass of wine. In some instances, the royal would also drink a dry gin martini, making it a total of three drinks just for her lunch.

2. There is No Actual Evidence Regarding the Origin of Lunch

There are more than five origin stories of lunch, and neither has any evidence. During the mid-17th century, people only had one meal per day, which took place in the late morning hours. However, as time passed, this meal was pushed much further to the evening, thus necessitating the need for a meal in between, which was called lunch. Interestingly, one lunch origin story claims that, in the 1800s, the meal was considered vulgar and was often associated with the lower class.

3. A Frenchman Would Have Lunch at the Base of the Eiffel Tower So That He Couldn’t See It

Eiffel tower from below

A French citizen known as Guy de Maupassant hated the Eiffel Tower with passion. Therefore, every day, he would eat lunch at the base of the tower because that’s the only place where he would not see it.

4. Preschools in France Serve Four-Course Lunches

When kids join school at three years old, they are served a four-course lunch. The first course comprises a vegetable starter followed by a main course consisting of another veggie, roast beef, and sometimes baked potatoes. This is to help the children develop a sense of taste.

5. Prison Food is More Nutritious Than Average School Lunch

Even though both prison food and school lunch have a calorie count of 1400, the former is richer in nutrients. Both meals comprise one beverage, one starch, and one bread. However, most school lunches contains fewer vegetables and meat, making it slightly less nutritious than prison food.

6. Mediterranean Countries Have 3-Hour Lunch Breaks

In most parts of the world, lunch usually lasts one hour max. However, did you know that in Mediterranean countries, lunches can last up to three hours? This also applies to Mexico and Brazil.

7. Italian Supreme Court Found a Man Innocent for Watching Adult Content During Lunch Break

The Italian Supreme Court once found a Fiat worker caught watching adult content during lunch break not guilty. Interestingly, the defendant had initially lost the case at a court in 2010 and decided to appeal in Palermo’s appeal court, where it was overturned. For context, the accused had been fired by the car manufacturer, leading to a court battle.

8. Sandwiches are the Most Popular Lunch Meals

Unlike dinners, lunches are usually lighter and sandwiches are among the meals that are mostly preferred. The snacks are easy to prepare and are available in various recipes or with multiple ingredients. Salads are also increasingly becoming popular as lunch alternatives.

9. Lunches are More Sociable Than Dinners

Lunches are mostly taken at schools or places of work. As a result, they create an environment for bonding with either peers or workmates. On the other hand, dinners tend to be more secluded. For instance, most dinners are taken at home in only the presence of family members or close relatives.

10. It’s Wrong to Skip Lunch

Some people consider lunch as an unnecessary meal of the day, but that is far from the truth. If you make a habit of skipping lunch, you reduce your body’s fuel intake, and as a result, you may feel less energetic over time. Also, you may trigger nutritional deficiencies. According to leading nutritionists, you can skip lunch every once in a while, but do not do it every day!

11. Stepping Outside for Lunch Breaks is More Productive

Research done on workers who eat lunch at the office vs those who step out shows that the latter tend to be more creative and productive. Spending too much time in one place is monotonous and can affect your brain’s operation. However, leaving that environment, even if it is for thirty minutes, can refresh your brain and give you a different perspective on work. It’s also not advisable to work through lunch.

12. The Ideas Behind Pixar’s WALL-E, Finding Nemo, and A Bug’s Life Were Conceived During Lunch

Some of the best films ever produced by Pixar, including Monsters and Finding Nemo, were brainstormed during a lunch by the directors in 1994.

13. There is a Crazy Lunch System in India Called Dabbawalas

In Mumbai, there is a lunch delivery system called Dabbawalas that delivers meals from homes to workers in respective parts of the city. These meals are placed in large circular metal tins and are made by family members from home because most people prefer to eat what they are used to and are afraid of getting sick. This system is not only efficient, but it is quite inexpensive. Dabbawalas delivers around 80 million lunches every year.

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Last Update: April 5, 2024